Wildflowers: the right planting concept for the home garden

Not only since the "biodiversity& nature conservation in bavaria" referendum 2019 near-natural gardens that support biodiversity have become increasingly popular. Johann strobler from bamberger staudengarten has been advising his customers for years and is committed to creating harmonious habitats in the garden. Particularly popular with his customers are mixed plantings for different locations, which bring bees, bumblebees and butterflies back into the home garden. But when planting a wildflower bed, there are a few things to keep in mind and the right advice to get.

The right requirements

The essentials of a wildflower bed that you want to have for a long time are the right requirements. To pay for this:

Weaker growth: china lowers interest rate again

Weaker growth: china lowers interest rate again

For loans of one year, the interest rate was reduced by 0.31 points to 6.0 percent. For savings deposits, the interest rate is reduced by 0.25 points to 3.0 percent. "The global economic situation is not very optimistic," said economics professor liu yuanchun from the people’s university (renmin daxue) in peking to the german press agency dpa. "This is why a fundamental reorientation of chinese monetary policy is inevitable."The renewed increase in interest rates is a sign that monetary policy will continue to be eased.

At the beginning of june, both interest rates were lowered by 0.25 percentage points for the first time since the financial crisis following the lehmann bankruptcy in 2008. Last year, however, the central bank had rather raised its lending rates three times because of high inflation. Since july 2011 they have not been touched again.

Glen dimplex in sonneberg closes down

Management and works council of glen dimplex EIO gmbh have reached an agreement on the closure of the plant in sonneberg and signed an agreement on a reconciliation of interests and social plan. According to the report, production will be halted by 30. June 2020, the company announced.

The total of 83 employees will receive their notices in the course of february. "It really wasn’t easy for us to close our factory in sonneberg", emphasizes managing director clemens dereschkewitz according to the press release. In the social plan, a severance payment scheme has been agreed that is staggered according to age groups. In addition, glen dimplex is providing extensive support to employees in their search for a new job. A contingent of additional days off had been agreed upon, which could be used for the purpose of looking for a job. Glen dimplex has also made contact with numerous employers in the region and is building a job board. Together with the economic demand of the city of sonneberg, a fair was prepared at which employers could present themselves and apply for open positions. Information events were offered directly at the company in cooperation with the employment agency. "We very much hope that with this whole bundle of measures we will be able to give as many of our employees as possible a seamless new start in their careers.", so clemens dereschkewitz. And udo suffa, chairman of the works council of glen dimplex EIO gmbh, adds: "we negotiated hard, but always fairly and at eye level. All in all, we have achieved a good result that I can look into the eyes of everyone – colleagues and leaders alike – in the future."

900 Emergency forces to carry out the emergency on saturday

Around 900 emergency personnel from the entire region will rehearse the emergency tomorrow, saturday, as part of a disaster control exercise with the participation of the bamberg hospital. The exercise will take place from about 9 a.M. To about 3 p.M. Along the main-danube canal in the communities of strullendorf, hirschaid and altendorf. Preparatory measurements will already be carried out today, friday, according to the announcement from the district administration office.

Due to the large number of emergency vehicles, there will be disruptions to local road traffic, especially in hirschaid. In addition, the georg-kugel-ring and the schleusenweg will be partially impassable. The mouth of the pond on the main-danube canal is blocked. The parking lots in the georg-kugel-ring facing the staatsstrabe and along the frankenlagune (on the canal side) are not available for use. Alternative parking spaces have been designated at the regnitzarena.

Almost two thirds do not want to do without a car

Almost two thirds do not want to do without a car

Almost two-thirds of the motorists surveyed (63.9 percent) could "rather not" or "definitely not" imagine giving up their cars for the sake of environmental protection, according to a civey poll for the "tagesspiegel" newspaper. 27.7 percent, on the other hand, considered this conceivable. At the same time, more than three-quarters of all respondents thought the federal government was doing too little for local transport or cyclists. Around 2500 people were surveyed.

The survey showed that green (a good 60 percent) and left-wing (just under 50 percent) voters in particular were prepared to give up most of their seats. On the other hand, 73.3 percent of CDU/CSU supporters and 80.3 percent of FDP voters find this inconceivable – among afd voters, the figure is as high as 86.9 percent. In the countryside in particular, hardly anyone wants to – or is able to – do without a car, while in the cities more than half do. Overall, the readiness in the east of germany is lower.

Spring cleaning at the local

Spring cleaning at the local

Spring sunshine awakens bamberger gastro scene to bustling activity. Some local communities are staying the course, but new meeting places are being created. As in one of bamberg’s most prominent locations. Standing beer on the upper brucke: the brewery kaiserdom now invites you to it. The rathausschanke is serving again.

"At weekends, window bar goes down well, guests enjoy beer on the bridge", explains marketing spokeswoman sabine heinel. "The concept consists of a bratwurst house with seven different bratwurst versions", she promotes the offer from the wild boar sausage to the currysobe – and also a vegetarian variant is there. In addition, also non-alcoholic, cake and coffee. The brewery, which is over 300 years old, has rebuilt the interior of the traditional house in a mixture of modern and traditional. The building, for a long time in the property of the imperial cathedral, was in the past leased out in different ways. "Now we run it under our own name", heinel reports.

Negotiations on additional claims

The new chairman of the audit committee (RPA) in pretzfeld is steffen lipfert (). An election had become necessary because the market town councilor and former chairman karl-ludwig grodd (WPA) had applied for his dismissal in may. In the meeting in june he had presented his reasons orally.
In order to find a successor, the election had been postponed to the most recent meeting. This gave the members of the RPA time to deliberate. Therefore, at this meeting, the board decided to remove grodd from office and appointed lipfert as the new chairman.
In the course of the meeting, market town councilor mathias reznik also made an oral request for his removal from office as grodd’s deputy. This was granted. Hans-jurgen muller (SPD/okologen) was unanimously appointed as his successor.
At its meeting in february, the market town council decided that an expert should be called in to assess what should be done following water damage to the fire station. This was noticed at the beginning of december. However, the cause or possible responsible parties could not be clarified.
After an inspection with the engineering firm commissioned by the construction company juttner und straub, it was recommended to the municipality that a control grid should be installed on the flat roof terrace at the drain in order to improve safety. Auberdem is to be made a notuberlauf at the brustung. Estimated cost was 1 500 euro. The surveyor now also confirmed these measures.

40000 euros for street lamps?

First mayor rose stark (SPD/okologen) informed the board that the administration had received an unsolicited bid for the renewal of the street lighting system in poppendorf. Eight lights to be removed and 13 to be installed. The cost was estimated at almost 40 000 euros.
Stark reported that the administration had replied "that for reasons of legal certainty, before a decision is made on awarding a contract, it is necessary to wait and see how the government or the state parliament regulates the compensation for the loss of the tramway extension contributions".

Consumer users: more state aid for electricity costs

consumer users: more state aid for electricity costs

"There is evidence that the levy was allowed to be 5 cents per kilowatt hour," said the energy expert of the verbraucherzentrale bundesverband, holger krawinkel, to the deutsche presse agentur in berlin. With the levy laid down in the renewable energies act (EEG), consumers pay for the demand for energy from the sun, biomass and wind through the price of electricity. Krawinkel therefore brought a reduction or suspension of the electricity tax into play.

This year the levy is 3.59 cents per kilowatt hour. For a household with a consumption of 3500 kilowatt hours, the demand costs add up to 125 euros per year. A deficit of 1.5 to two billion euros could build up in the pay-as-you-go account by the end of the year, said krawinkel. There are several reasons for this. "On the one hand, we have already had much more wind and solar energy production in the spring than was assumed."This is due to the weather, but also to the construction of new solar plants. The government therefore wants to reduce the requirement by up to 30 percent. But the states are blocking this because they fear for their solar companies.

Gema tariff reform suspended until early 2014

Gema tariff reform suspended until early 2014

Compromise in the gema dispute: the old tariff structure of the gema will largely remain in place in 2013. This gave both parties planning certainty for the coming year, the music rights exploiter and the federal association of music promoters (BVMV) announced on thursday. Gema board member georg oeller spoke of a "satisfactory solution". The controversial reform was originally scheduled to take effect at the beginning of january, but was then postponed until april and later to june. A gema spokesman sums up the dispute with the words: "it's basically about money, as always."

The new transitional solution provides that most tariffs for music events, with the exception of concerts, will be five percent more expensive from the beginning of the year, he explained. The tariff for clubs and discos will be increased by a further ten percent from april 2013 onwards. The BVMV chairman, ernst fischer, said: "with this solution, at least for 2013, the time of existential fears of many organizers is over."