Negotiations on additional claims

The new chairman of the audit committee (RPA) in pretzfeld is steffen lipfert (). An election had become necessary because the market town councilor and former chairman karl-ludwig grodd (WPA) had applied for his dismissal in may. In the meeting in june he had presented his reasons orally.
In order to find a successor, the election had been postponed to the most recent meeting. This gave the members of the RPA time to deliberate. Therefore, at this meeting, the board decided to remove grodd from office and appointed lipfert as the new chairman.
In the course of the meeting, market town councilor mathias reznik also made an oral request for his removal from office as grodd’s deputy. This was granted. Hans-jurgen muller (SPD/okologen) was unanimously appointed as his successor.
At its meeting in february, the market town council decided that an expert should be called in to assess what should be done following water damage to the fire station. This was noticed at the beginning of december. However, the cause or possible responsible parties could not be clarified.
After an inspection with the engineering firm commissioned by the construction company juttner und straub, it was recommended to the municipality that a control grid should be installed on the flat roof terrace at the drain in order to improve safety. Auberdem is to be made a notuberlauf at the brustung. Estimated cost was 1 500 euro. The surveyor now also confirmed these measures.

40000 euros for street lamps?

First mayor rose stark (SPD/okologen) informed the board that the administration had received an unsolicited bid for the renewal of the street lighting system in poppendorf. Eight lights to be removed and 13 to be installed. The cost was estimated at almost 40 000 euros.
Stark reported that the administration had replied "that for reasons of legal certainty, before a decision is made on awarding a contract, it is necessary to wait and see how the government or the state parliament regulates the compensation for the loss of the tramway extension contributions".

Unacceptable demand

In addition, the council unanimously decided that the mayor may enter into a settlement without restriction. Because the company herrmann-bau, which had carried out the tree inspection of the water supply pipeline in trattstrasse for pretzfeld, had made additional demands, which were not accepted. The company filed a lawsuit. The district court of bamberg has set a good hearing and a main date for 29. August set. The value in dispute is just under 30,000 euros.

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