Wildflowers: the right planting concept for the home garden

Not only since the "biodiversity& nature conservation in bavaria" referendum 2019 near-natural gardens that support biodiversity have become increasingly popular. Johann strobler from bamberger staudengarten has been advising his customers for years and is committed to creating harmonious habitats in the garden. Particularly popular with his customers are mixed plantings for different locations, which bring bees, bumblebees and butterflies back into the home garden. But when planting a wildflower bed, there are a few things to keep in mind and the right advice to get.

The right requirements

The essentials of a wildflower bed that you want to have for a long time are the right requirements. To pay for this:

  • The rough
  • The situation
  • The soil conditions
  • The irrigation
  • The color of the flowers

If you plan to create a wildflower bed, you should have at least 4-5 square meters of space, because there are about 8-10 plants per square meter, and they need space to develop. Since most of the flowers used for such a bed are native wild perennials, they are perennial and, in the right combination, can sometimes bloom all year round.
However, one should consider where the bed is located and what conditions it is exposed to. For example, if you live on a very sunny slope, you should also choose perennials that can cope with that habitat. If, on the other hand, the bed is to be located in the shade, the right choice of flowers is also important here.
The soil also plays an important role. Is the garden soil rather lean and poor in nutrients, or very moist?? These conditions should also be considered when choosing plants. In addition, the question of how the bed will be watered. Johann strobler uses drip irrigation for his beds, but he is aware that this is not possible in every garden and also includes this point in his advice.

Harmony in appearance

But one of the most important things for strobler’s customers is the appearance, because the bed should on the one hand match the existing plants around the bed, and on the other hand it should also be visually harmonious and soothing to the eye. "You want to come to rest in your garden, the eye can not use it if in every corner are gaudy colors. Harmony in the garden is important" explains stroblers. He creates harmony, for example, by alternating the plants in the tall ones and never planting two of the same species together. "A variety can and should appear several times in a mixed planting, but it should then also be distributed throughout the bed" strobler explains further. In addition, he never chooses more than four different colors of flowers in his mixtures and makes sure that there are also enough grasses in the planting are present. "A bed without grass simply does not work. For perennials, grasses are a must" says the horticulturalist.

Popular plants in his mixed plantings include, for example:

  • Globe thistle
  • Indian nettles
  • Konigskerzen
  • Viper’s bugloss
  • Yarrow
  • Grove sage
  • Winter pearl grass
  • Honorary grass
  • Catmint

"The plant selection is also crucial if you wanted to have something blooming all year" explains johann strobler. "A bee bed, for example, "only" bleeds something from march to october. Afterwards the bee flowers bleed to death, because there is no more bee flight". Therefore, before creating a wildflower bed, you should think carefully about what you want from it. But the great thing about perennials is that you can plant them more or less all year round. So if you’re undecided about summer, you can think again in the fall.

The right care

Maintaining a wildflower bed is relatively easy. In february/ march, the perennials are cut back about 8-10 cm so that they can sprout again vigorously for the summer. Grasses can even be cut down to 10-15 cm. In addition, the soil can be raked and in april or may can be fertilized with organic manure. Since perennials naturally have overwintering organs, you should not plant longer than august, because the perennials need to rest in the fall. The good thing about perennials is that they are basically always hardy and, with the right care, you can have them for years without having to replace them.

Wildflowers on the terrace

You can also plant wild shrubs on the terrace. But only with enough space. For the plant trough should be at least 50-60cm wide and about a meter deep. Since perennials have deep roots, you need this volume. In addition, one should make sure that the troughs are winter-hardy, so that they also survive the frost. When planting perennials in a pot, it is best to use a special potting substrate and to make a hole in the bottom of the trough so that the water can drain away. Otherwise the same requirements as for the bed apply.

The bamberger perennial garden wahrend corona

Private sales are currently closed, as in all nurseries in bavaria. The bamberger staudengarten still offers regular shipping via DHL or on-site pickup. On the website you can find a clear assortment list, as well as ready-made mixed plantings, sorted according to the requirements in the garden. The first consultation is done by sending 1-2 pictures of the garden and a description of what is desired. Johann strobler will be happy to advise you, suggest his ideas and plan the bed according to your requirements and wishes.

Johann strobler from the bamberger perennial garden. Perennials are his profession and passion. The horticultural technician, specializing in perennials, cultivates with his team an assortment of more than 3000 hardy perennials, grasses, herbs, ferns and water plants.


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