Tubing and rescuing together

It is well known that firefighters and the rescue service of the BRK rhon-grabfeld work hand in hand. However, this must also be practiced, said district rescue team leader bernd robmanith, who is also an instructor with the rhon-grabfeld district fire department, during a training session at the fire department’s town hall in bad konigshofen. It the add-on module "first aid in the context of the MTA (modular training for firefighters). An ambulance from bischofsheim was on the scene, which the firefighters put "under the microscope" could be taken. The rescue of a patient from a dormer with the drag basket stretcher was practiced but also the first aid knowledge was refreshed. Finally, the firefighters learned how to rescue a person from a pit or a shaft using a tripod.

Special situations

The main topic of the additional training was not only an intensification of the knowledge already acquired during the fire department training. It was also about rescue service operations in special situations (in short: the REBEL-set on the ambulance) and the daily practice, namely: where can and must the fire department support the rescue service?. In addition pay carrying help, rescue of patients, whereby technical equipment of the fire-brigade is needed. For example: "could you please fetch the stretcher, the rescue board or the resuscitator from the ambulance?, said bernd robmanith and commander andre knies, the firefighter has to know where to find that in the rescue vehicle.

At different stations was practiced, among other things application possibilities with the turntable ladder. This was about the rescue of an "injured person" from a coarse high. Andre knies, johannes rebelein, oliver schmitt and vitus buchs explained the harnesses and how they are correctly attached to the turntable ladder and then to the drag basket stretcher. It was about how the stretcher is set up so that the patient is brought down safely, explained commander andre knies and instructor johannes rebelein. What if a strong wind comes up? Then the stretcher is additionally stabilized with ropes, said oliver schmitt. For this purpose, it is necessary that the firefighter, who holds the stretcher by a rope, is himself secured by a harness on the fire truck. The firemen found an "injured person" in one of the rooms, a "weighty doll", who was strapped onto the drag basket stretcher and carefully brought down from the skylight. A note from vitus buchs: "remember: the radio link to the colleagues on the turntable ladder is important, because they don’t know what we’re doing here and are dependent on instructions."

The inside of the RTW

In the meantime, florian barthelmes from the BRK rhon-grabfeld showed the firefighters the "inner workings of a rescue vehicle (RTW). This included the stretcher, which can be adjusted high or low to gently transport the patient. The firefighters learned that the medumat refers to the ventilator and where to find oxygen and the suction pump.

Sebastian bender explained how to put on blood pressure cuffs and how, in an emergency, a wound on the leg that is bleeding heavily can be tied up. The contents of the rescue team’s emergency backpack were explained and, of course, resuscitation was performed on a phantom.

Competent information, also about the defibrillator, was given by max rockenzahn. What are the possibilities of rescuing an injured person from a pit or a shaft?? "For this purpose, there is the tripod with a "pulley" said bernd robmanith, instructor at the county fire department.

The firefighters learned about different fix and stop points and more about self-protection. In the fall protection also ladders and the drag basket stretcher are used. All in all, an afternoon in which the fire departments trained their firefighters as part of their basic training and expanded their knowledge in first aid.


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