When sea noise becomes visible

When sea noise becomes visible

The roar of the sea, when the waves break on the shore, is formally audible, the salt of the spray can be tasted on the tongue and the sand can be traced under the feet. Vacation mood breaks over the viewer without restraint when he stands in front of the coarse-format, overwhelming paintings of bayreuth painter gudrun schuler.

The artist is "the sixth", an exhibition of the producer gallery burgkunstadt, dedicated to. Still to be seen until 2. December. Saturday was the vernissage. These are pictures of visible reality, as bamberg art historian matthias liebel told the visitors, who had come from all over bavaria, in his opening speech. "Subject painting, which gives us at once to recognize what is represented", he lectures.

Clouds breathed onto canvas

And this is not only true for the sea motifs. There’s a forest path that radiates tranquility like the reflections on the surface of a lake. And the stone, which creates concentric waves in the water, is actually heard splashing. Just like the gentle murmur of a stream. Not to forget the cloud formations, sometimes breathed onto the canvas by the artist, sometimes brought to life with powerful brushstrokes, seemingly threatening.

Gudrun schuler is a master of true-to-life reproduction and works with photographic precision. On the other hand, she also shows abstract works in the produzentengalerie burgkunstadt, which also deal with her themes of water, clouds and nature. Matthias liebel: "in the paintings of gudrun schuler, which she executes in oil on canvas, it is almost always about atmospheric moods, about light, about refractions and reflections at the same time."

Gudrun schuler, born in upper franconia, lives and works in bayreuth and bindlach. She attended numerous courses at various art schools and most recently completed a four-year course of study in fine arts at the faber-castell academy in nurnberg, graduating with a certificate in 2004. Gudrun schuler took part in her first art exhibitions as early as 1989. Numerous group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad followed – in the meantime more than 240 exhibitions.

Since 1992 she has been freelancing with her own studio in bayreuth and bindlach. Gudrun schuler is represented with her works in many public collections; among others in collections of the cities of bayreuth, rehau and bamberg as well as in collections of the state of bavaria and the state painting collection in munich. She has received numerous prizes and awards for her work, including the audience award at the bayreuth art exhibition and the PEMA art prize for painting.

Sculptures on display as well

The vernissage, musically accompanied by the guitar virtuoso thomas schaller from marktzeuln, was opened by christine frieb, mayor of the city of burgkunstadt. The exhibition – which also features sculptures by sculptors adalbert heil (bamberg) and rainer kurka (berlin) – is on display until 2. December at the produzentengalerie fur gegenwartskunst, schonberg 3 in burgkunstadt. Opening hours are saturdays and sundays from 14 to 18 o’clock.

The producer gallery burgurgadt for contemporary art was opened in february 2018 by lucia scheid-nam, a painter from south korea, and her husband otto scheid, in the immediate vicinity of the artist’s studio. In burgkunstadt, supra-regional art from lower bavaria and upper franconia will be presented. The painter, who was born in south korea, also liked to use her contacts to bring well-known artists from asia and all over europe to burgkunstadt.


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