Tubing and rescuing together

It is well known that firefighters and the rescue service of the BRK rhon-grabfeld work hand in hand. However, this must also be practiced, said district rescue team leader bernd robmanith, who is also an instructor with the rhon-grabfeld district fire department, during a training session at the fire department’s town hall in bad konigshofen. It the add-on module "first aid in the context of the MTA (modular training for firefighters). An ambulance from bischofsheim was on the scene, which the firefighters put "under the microscope" could be taken. The rescue of a patient from a dormer with the drag basket stretcher was practiced but also the first aid knowledge was refreshed. Finally, the firefighters learned how to rescue a person from a pit or a shaft using a tripod.

Special situations

The main topic of the additional training was not only an intensification of the knowledge already acquired during the fire department training. It was also about rescue service operations in special situations (in short: the REBEL-set on the ambulance) and the daily practice, namely: where can and must the fire department support the rescue service?. In addition pay carrying help, rescue of patients, whereby technical equipment of the fire-brigade is needed. For example: "could you please fetch the stretcher, the rescue board or the resuscitator from the ambulance?, said bernd robmanith and commander andre knies, the firefighter has to know where to find that in the rescue vehicle.

Black-yellow coalition seething after nrw debacle

Black-yellow coalition seething after nrw debacle

"I am no longer prepared to simply go over to the order of the day". We have to do better, also in berlin," said bavaria’s minister-president on monday evening on ZDF television. He again called for a meeting of the party leaders of the CDU, CSU and FDP to solve urgent problems such as the energy transition. Because of its faltering implementation, environment minister norbert rottgen (CDU), who was also NRW’s top candidate, is coming under further pressure.

"We shouldn’t talk about something that isn’t already there," seehofer said, referring to the CDU’s plunge to 26.3 percent in sunday’s election in germany’s most populous state. This was a disaster. "My answer is simply that we don’t act now as if nothing happened yesterday, but we have to draw consequences from it," seehofer told ZDF’s "heute journal".

Steamer for bavarian spd chairman pronold

steamer for bavarian spd chairman pronold

State party chairman florian pronold took a steaming 80.6 percent in his re-election at a state party conference in augsburg on saturday – just under four percentage points less than two years ago. Secretary general natascha kohnen also achieved a worse result than in 2011 (85.1) with 80.5 percent.

Before pronold’s re-election, top candidate christian ude had warned the almost 270 delegates entitled to vote: "there are butchers and companions who like to tick the box." He would like to see a strong and united SPD. State leader pronold has opponents, especially among the jusos; recently, deputy state chairman thomas beyer also criticized pronold’s leadership style. Beyer did not run again in augsburg on saturday.

Head-to-head race expected in schleswig-holstein

head-to-head race expected in schleswig-holstein

With wolfgang kubicki, the liberals were able to stop their series of defeats that had lasted for more than a year, but it was hardly enough for a new CDU/FDP coalition to be formed. The left-wing party is threatened with extinction after only two and a half years in parliament, while the pirates have been allowed to continue their triumphant march. The election is seen as an important test for the vote in north rhine-westphalia on the following sunday and for the federal government.

More than 2.2 million citizens are called to the polls. Eleven parties compete for the regular 69 seats in the state parliament. The number of mandates increased significantly as a result of overhang and compensatory mandates. At last count, the state parliament had 95 deputies.

Is the grass in fatschenbrunn taller??

Around 40 fatschenbrunner found their way to the multipurpose hall for the castle meeting. In addition to a review of previous projects in the oberaurach district, mayor thomas sechser spoke about upcoming inspections. The paving of the sports field parking lot is on the agenda, as is the redesign of the cemetery.There, the paths are to be optimized and the municipal council has to think about how to deal with the blessing hall, which is in need of renovation.

Likewise, the development of a new building area is planned for the flat area behind the road "hohe wart" are intended. County road HAS 31, which connects fatschenbrunn to unterschleichach, is on the county’s expansion plan, according to sechser. A full expansion is planned there, which includes a new substructure and a widening. However, sechser says, the county has not scheduled the removal of the m until 2023.

Wichsenstein and moggast separate with a draw

Wichsenstein and moggast separate with a draw

In the 1:1 draw, both teams had stronger and less good phases, but offered the 170 incessant spectators appealing soccer fare on a difficult course in the constant rain. After a quarter of an hour, the final result was already clear, even if both defenses and referee wilfried teichmann still had to overcome a few tricky situations in the final phase. Due to the division of points and the simultaneous defeat of table leader hallerndorf, both teams remain promising in the race for the lead.

The omens promised an explosive game between two old rivals, which, due to the weather situation, was fought over. Fortunately, the referee wilfried teichmann, an experienced referee, was sent in by the team organizer and left no doubt as to who was the boss on the pitch. The hosts wanted to sniff a little more of the high air, but the guests' supporters also calculated all the possible results of the other summit before the oberland derby – assuming their own victory, of course.