Crowds at the marketplace of professions

crowds at the marketplace of professions

Where else can you find out about the music corps of the german armed forces, the opportunities for federal voluntary service, or what the munich business school has to offer in such a small space?? Answers to these questions were also provided at the weekend's 7. Study fair:BA in the congress and concert hall.

The fair, with almost 90 exhibitors, is organized by the bamberg school and business working group. It was organized by the economic demands of the city and district of bamberg and the bamberg congress& event gmbh.

The fair aims to provide advice to young people and offer them a platform to think intensively about their future. In addition, the event offered institutions and companies the opportunity to present themselves and find future employees. This was also emphasized by the patrons of the event, mayor andreas starke (SPD) and deputy district administrator johann pfister (BI), as well as markus knebel, principal of the e.T.A. Hoffmann high school and one of the chairmen of the school-business working group in bamberg.

Whereas in the past a university degree was traditionally followed by a high school diploma, there is now a wide range of alternatives. Dual courses of study, vocational training, or other alternative training options are increasingly coming into focus.

More interest in dual path

Numerous universities, colleges and regional companies answered the questions of young people at the training fair and provided incentives and information to help them make their decision. In particular, questions about a dual study program were asked again and again.

These offers can now be found at local auto supply companies as well as logistics companies and discount grocery stores. In addition, state institutions such as the federal armed forces, the police, customs and the district office advertised for young recruits.

The crowds at the booths were already large shortly after the opening. Many young people, usually well prepared, came with their parents to this event and took the opportunity to inform themselves and also to think about possible alternatives.

The stands were often occupied by the companies' own trainees, who "simply had a better wire" to the young people have. Many exhibitors have already been there many times and noticed in applications that the fair is mentioned as a point of reference.

In addition, there were five lecture rooms at the training fair offering a wide range of further specialist lectures, which were well attended.


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