Tenant licenses for migrants

Tenant licenses for migrants

The faces of the 14 migrants who received the so-called "tenant driver’s license" in the meeting room of the town hall in burgkunstadt were beaming ou received the following. They successfully participated in a four-evening training course that familiarized them with proper behavior as apartment tenants. The course content was.B. Gauze separation, rest periods, proper heating and airing, and fire protection. With the "tenant driver’s license" acquired in this way refugees should be able to prove their suitability as reliable and serious tenants to potential landlords in the future. Living in their own apartment, the mostly young people who are all housed in the weismain, altenkunstadt and burgkunstadt area know, is better than living in a communal shelter. In order to improve their situation, karin pfeiffer, integration counselor at the district administration office, started the tenant qualification project together with volunteers. Half of the participants are already recognized asylum seekers and some of them already have a job. Still, finding private housing is a challenge. Many recognized asylum seekers, even though they are allowed to move out, must continue to live in cramped shared housing because they cannot find a rental apartment in the district, says the head of social services at the district office, ralf luger. Such courses are therefore a bit of help for self-help. They are also required by the bavarian ministry of the interior. But it also depends on the volunteers who accompany people on their new journey. Such are angelika geyer and nicole hartfil. For both, there was a flower robbery. German language, tenant’s driver’s license, a job of their own and then an apartment – successes are coming, explains angelika geyer. Thanks to the protestant parish in burgkunstadt, which provided the space for the course in the cafe dialog.

35 participants completed the training program consisting of several modules in 2018 and spring 2019 and received their tenant driver’s license.


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