Crowds at the marketplace of professions

crowds at the marketplace of professions

Where else can you find out about the music corps of the german armed forces, the opportunities for federal voluntary service, or what the munich business school has to offer in such a small space?? Answers to these questions were also provided at the weekend's 7. Study fair:BA in the congress and concert hall.

The fair, with almost 90 exhibitors, is organized by the bamberg school and business working group. It was organized by the economic demands of the city and district of bamberg and the bamberg congress& event gmbh.

Project in neustadt: “refugee…that’s me

project in neustadt: 'refugee...that's me

The focus is actually on the faces of young people who have found a new home in the region. But behind the faces there are also fates, experiences, feelings and emotions. "Refugee…That"s me
(refugee, that’s me) is written on the postcards that are now being distributed in the region.
The cards feature the portraits of seven young people living in the coburg region. The special thing about the cards is the story behind a so-called "CP-clicker app" hides. The user can download the app onto a smartphone, take a picture of the portrait and then find himself in a menu that visualizes the story behind the face in a video clip.
The coburg education region had the idea of initiating an integration project. The arnold gymnasium in neustadt was found as a partner, which developed and implemented the content of the individual films in ethics lessons in collaboration with an integration class from the vocational school.
The result are short informative film clips that not only tell the stories of the seven protagonists in a very personal way, but also take a look at the cultural differences with a smile on their faces. The aim of this project is to use the films produced by nectv to raise awareness of the immigrants’ environment and to get a picture of refugees and their stories.
Tanja altrichter (coordination center for civic engagement in the district office) loves to know that the project was requested by the bavarian ministry of social affairs with a total of 7000 euro.
Jochen dotterweich told us that the number of postcards will initially be 250 per motif. According to his words, these are to be distributed to burgerburos and communities. "It was an exciting and educational project for me and the schools involved", emphasized the deputy principal.
District administrator michael busch (SPD) spoke of a grandiose idea. "We need more stories that can be experienced and understood and less generalization", emphasized bush. For him, there is far too much generalization.
Coburg’s mayor norbert tessmer(SPD) emphasized that crises always develop when opportunities are not seized. For him it is certain,
that the initiators of the project "refugee…That’s me" are on the right track.
The principal of the arnold gymnasium, ursula kick-bernklau, was proud that a "great project" had been started at the neustadt high school has arisen.


Fireball over ammunition depot in ukraine

fireball over ammunition depot in ukraine

One of ukraine’s largest military depots went up in flames in a spectacular fire. The fire set off explosions of artillery shells and rockets about 200 kilometers southwest of kiev near the town of kalynivka in the vinnytsia region.

Two people were injured and taken to hospital, local authorities said this morning. More than 30.000 people were brought to safety from the surrounding area.

Honors for school pilots

Honors for school pilots

During the christmas party in honor of the school crossing guards, the principal of the oerlenbach elementary and middle school, ulrich muller, buried the rough number of school crossing guards. Naturally, it is above all the school pilots who are indispensable in this circle. In addition, he also referred to the commitment of the bus supervisors and the prudence and patience of the school bus driver. From the side of the municipality, which is responsible for school safety, the second mayor, gerhard fischer, praised the students of the middle school for their commitment.

As a thank you to all the parents who keep their children in good hands on their way to school, the chairwoman of the parents' council, mareike braun, presented the school crossing guards with a small gift.

Sonja then moves back to poppenhausen

Sonja then moves back to poppenhausen

She has already spent most of her school career as a teacher and principal in poppenhausen. The oerlenbach school family and guests had held a ceremony to thank her for her work and to express how much they regretted the departure of the dedicated and popular teacher. She had clearly left her mark on the oerlenbach elementary and middle school – with knowledge and, above all, with a lot of heart.

Framed by musical contributions from the WIM project classes and daniel hofmann with a solo on the piano, principal ulrich muller presented a rough program of greetings, tributes and in some cases very personal contributions, the focus of which was on the professional and human work of the native of bastheim. "Oerlenbach is a different school than it was eight years ago.", summed up werner vierheilig as representative of the teaching staff. School board member harald botsch praised the school’s vita and successes, and mayor franz kuhn thanked the school for the intensive cooperation between the community and the school. The chairman of the local staff council, wolfgang wittmann, particularly emphasized the humane and collegial management style, and the representative of the parents’ council, claudia sandrock, confirmed this for all areas of parental work. In a song, ulrich muller looked back on the years they spent together in oerlenbach, just as the teachers’ choir did in a song they had composed themselves. The team of the open all-day school around silke zanglein inspired with an ABBA-paraodie.

Bfc talent sonja neubauer wins bronze at the dm

Bfc talent sonja neubauer wins bronze at the dm

The german school championships in canoe slalom took place in the city triangle nurnberg-furth-oberasbach on the popular track under the fernabbrucke. The two canoe slalom talents of the bamberger faltboot-club (BFC), sonja neubauer and johann hein, took advantage of the whitsun vacations and traveled early to the event. So they could train intensively once again and get used to the conditions on the rednitz.
The two national junior coaches designed a challenging course with 18 gates. Six of them had to be run against the direction of the flow, a combination of four gates initially caused heated discussions among the coaches: is the course too difficult or is it appropriate for a german championship?? A small correction calmed down the tempers, and so the racers could start.
In high-level competitions, athletes are not allowed to paddle the competition course beforehand. They had to determine their ideal line on the basis of the pre-runs by canoeists not taking part in the competition, video analyses and course discussions.
On the first day of the race, the A-school kayakers started early. In the strongest starting field with more than 50 participants johann hein from the BFC went on the track. He did not always hit the ideal line and touched three goalposts, which earned him six penalty seconds. Thanks to a very good running time he could still hope to reach the semifinals.
In the second run hein wanted to attack again, but didn’t catch a gate right away and had to do an auxiliary loop. The driving time was clearly longer. Relief spread when it was clear that hein would finish as 34th. The semifinals were reached.
In the afternoon it was sonja neubauer’s turn in the school girls A kayak competition. She surprised with a very good running time. In spite of two goal bar clockings and an auxiliary loop it was enough for place 4. In the second run she also wanted to hit the ideal line even better, but – just like almost all of her competitors – she did not succeed. The qualification for the semifinals was easily achieved with the twenty athletes strong field with place 4.

With the team on place 5

The competition for the german team championship was still on the agenda that day. Here sonja neubauer started in the bavarian racing team with elena rober (SV bayreuth) and mia arnu (KK rosenheim). They finished fifth.
In the evening the course for the semifinals and finals was rehung the next day. Many of the goal combinations that the BFC canoeists had practiced on site during the many training sessions could be found again in this line. So both bambergers went to the start highly motivated and well prepared. On the second day of the championship, the "do or die" principle was applied there is only one round, which immediately decides about the qualification for the final.
Sonja neubauer convinced in the semifinal with a very good line and a fast time. With only one goal mistake the qualification for the final with the second place was secure.
Coach christof pfannenmuller had prepared johann hein very well for the course. The young canoeist from bamberg managed a convincing run and moved up from 34th to 16th place. Place before. A remarkable success, especially since johann starts for the first time in this age group. Despite the very good performance it was not enough for the final, where the best ten slalom canoeists made it to.
Sonja neubauer was also intensively prepared for the final by her coach and brother, sven neubauer. She managed an even faster and, for the first time, even flawless ride, which earned her the bronze medal at the german school championships in canoe slalom 2018. She had to admit defeat to paulina pirro (KSV bad kreuznach) and lucie krech (TSV gera).

Forced laborers were subjected to meager and cold fare

Forced laborers were subjected to meager and cold fare

The grammar school teacher from kulmbach reported that the forced laborers' work in agriculture was somewhat profitable, but that their work in industry was often characterized by unscrupulous exploitation.

Today, the woman is almost 85 years old, but she remembers her time as a forced laborer as if it had been yesterday. Her name is olga witischenko, and today she lives in a small dacha near cherkassy in ukraine.
As a 15-year-old girl, she was deported to schweinfurt in may 1942 and assigned to the kugelfischer company. A year later, she was shipped off with hundreds of other "eastern" workers to the hopelessly overcrowded barracks camp seidenhof near kulmbach.

Together on the life stage

Jens fertinger artur and liane kaupert celebrated their golden wedding anniversary yesterday (friday). For the market maroldsweisach the mayor wolfram thein and the municipal council wolfgang harnauer congratulated.

More than 50 years ago, today’s jubilarians met at the church anniversary dance in the hartleb hall in maroldsweisach, so that they soon decided to sail for the port of marriage in 1970. Artur kaupert is a native of hafenpreppach, while his wife liane was born in ditterswind. As a young man, after attending elementary school in hafenpreppach, the jubilarian initially worked in agriculture before he was offered a permanent position as a carpenter at the werner schmitt furniture factory in his home village in the mid-1960s, which he held until he was 60. The first year of his life.

Mourning for the second willow

Mourning for the second willow

The remaining weeping willow next to the school pond is facing a sad end: after a willow was cut down there last year for safety reasons, the remaining tree has now also become a safety risk, said mayor thomas kneipp (CSU) at the youngest municipal council meeting.
The choice was between renovating the damaged tree, which the lichtenfels district council considered to be well worth preserving.
However, the council decided to drop the tree, which had already been rehabilitated once in 2007, and to invest the cost of rehabilitation (about 750 to 1000 euros) in the planting of two new trees instead.

Expansion of wind energy

Bowing to a rough woman

bowing to a rough woman

A rude woman has died. Eugenie stelzner, born in 1924, died on 23 june 2009. January at the clinic. She was an outstanding person who influenced many people as a teacher in lichtenfels and altenkunstadt and as an honorary member of the women's federation. With her infectious temperament and never-ending commitment, she has made a difference in her hometown. But not only here: as a long-time chairwoman of the catholic german women's association, branch association lichtenfels, she was also active for many years on the diozesan board in bamberg. In this capacity, she was a state and national delegate. Throughout the federal republic of germany, there are women who know eugenie stelzner and associate her with happiness, wit, intelligence and a strong commitment to emancipation.
Eugenie stelzner led the lichtenfels branch association from 1986 to 1998 and pragmatized it with her strong personality during these twelve years. She always had the goals of the association in mind and strove to enable women to play an active role in the church, society and politics. She was guided by the guidelines and educational offers of the women's association at diozesan and state level. During the same period, she was also a member of the parish council and the church administration.

Women's movement in the church
Bringing the women's movement into the church was one of the declared goals of this leader, in the spirit of the founders of the KDFB (1903). Her contemplation of a picture of pentecost, where mary could be seen in the midst of the apostles, says everything about her commitment to gender justice: "that's where we belong too, in the midst of the apostles. Not above, but not below either!"
The subject of women's education work, both socially and ecclesiastically, was very important to her, and she never ran out of ideas and suggestions for the educational program of the frauenbund. Choosing women's issues, approaching them from a feminist point of view, and awakening in other women a sensitivity to this feminist approach was close to her heart. "I am a feminist and an emancipated woman. And I am proud!" This is what she said about herself.
Until the end of her life she continued her education, both within and outside the catholic women's association. She was characterized by an insatiable hunger for more in the socio-political and religious spheres. She looked beyond her own church tower. For many years she was involved in ecumenical work, especially in the ecumenical initiative of catholic and protestant women from lichtenfels and schney, which has been running continuously since 1991 (1. Ocumenical church day in lichtenfels) met to prepare ecumenical women's events. With ever new energy she prepared e.g. The ecumenical may devotions at the moritzkappl with before, which were particularly important to her from the women's point of view: to rediscover mary, the coarse woman of christianity, together and thus to make her an ecumenical integration figure for the women of lichtenfels instead of a barrier between the denominations.
The work for the women's world day of prayer was a real affair of the heart for her. As a well-traveled woman, she knew how to introduce the participants to the respective world day of prayer country each year with great enthusiasm. The new forms of a typically feminine spirituality, which go hand in hand with this work, were a challenge for her, which she took up again and again. Sharing what filled her heart, what did her good, with other women, that was what filled eugenie stelzner's life, what made her happy.