Project in neustadt: “refugee…that’s me

project in neustadt: 'refugee...that's me

The focus is actually on the faces of young people who have found a new home in the region. But behind the faces there are also fates, experiences, feelings and emotions. "Refugee…That"s me
(refugee, that’s me) is written on the postcards that are now being distributed in the region.
The cards feature the portraits of seven young people living in the coburg region. The special thing about the cards is the story behind a so-called "CP-clicker app" hides. The user can download the app onto a smartphone, take a picture of the portrait and then find himself in a menu that visualizes the story behind the face in a video clip.
The coburg education region had the idea of initiating an integration project. The arnold gymnasium in neustadt was found as a partner, which developed and implemented the content of the individual films in ethics lessons in collaboration with an integration class from the vocational school.
The result are short informative film clips that not only tell the stories of the seven protagonists in a very personal way, but also take a look at the cultural differences with a smile on their faces. The aim of this project is to use the films produced by nectv to raise awareness of the immigrants’ environment and to get a picture of refugees and their stories.
Tanja altrichter (coordination center for civic engagement in the district office) loves to know that the project was requested by the bavarian ministry of social affairs with a total of 7000 euro.
Jochen dotterweich told us that the number of postcards will initially be 250 per motif. According to his words, these are to be distributed to burgerburos and communities. "It was an exciting and educational project for me and the schools involved", emphasized the deputy principal.
District administrator michael busch (SPD) spoke of a grandiose idea. "We need more stories that can be experienced and understood and less generalization", emphasized bush. For him, there is far too much generalization.
Coburg’s mayor norbert tessmer(SPD) emphasized that crises always develop when opportunities are not seized. For him it is certain,
that the initiators of the project "refugee…That’s me" are on the right track.
The principal of the arnold gymnasium, ursula kick-bernklau, was proud that a "great project" had been started at the neustadt high school has arisen.


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