Menz new national basketball coach – high goals

Menz new national basketball coach - high goals

His new task, which he sees as a rough challenge, approaches the 48-year-old but rather hemdsarmelig. "My goal is to push the team to its limits". We will play intensively, with fun and spirit," promised menz and announced: "defensively, we want to be one of the best teams in europe."

Menz receives an open-ended contract with the german basketball federation, where he was previously responsible for the A2 and U20 team. He achieved an outstanding fifth place with the junior team at the european championships in spain last year, and most recently he has already acted as assistant coach of the national team under pesic. "He has done an excellent job of building up the association. Our ideas are on a roll. Frank is a bit stricter than pesic and very well positioned professionally," is how DBB president ingo weiss described the new head coach.

Ice barbarians advance in finals series – “that was a fight”

ice barbarians advance in finals series - 'that was a fight'

"That was a fight!"Said mads christensen after the final siren. Dane, who had slipped into berlin’s paradesturm as an emergency lottery pick, was given the lead with the goal going out (41. Minute) to the man of the evening. Richie regehr (52) made it 2:0.) – although he can hardly push properly due to a hoof injury. The icemen fought more for success than they earned it.

"For sure, it’s a character performance with the losses," emphasized berlin’s national player frank hordler. The guests from the kurpfalz region scored 37 times on the goal of ice barbarian goalkeeper rob zepp, who held his own with the energetic help of his sacrificially fighting defenders. "Zepp made the difference," praised berlin coach don jackson. The second game of the best-of-five series will be played in mannheim on wednesday. "It’s our stadium, that’s where we play our advantage and then we see how berlin looks," said eagle captain marcus kink.

Nitrate in water samples: dispute over well water test in the forchheim area

Nitrate in water samples: dispute over well water test in the forchheim area

The association for the protection of the rhine and its tributaries (VSR) was on 9. September with an information booth in forchheim. The environmentalists, according to their own press release, had told some burgers that their well water contained too much nitrate. In total, the water from 76 privately used wells in the area of forchheim – hallerndorf – eggolsheim was analyzed. One in six well owners has been told that their sample exceeds the german drinking water ordinance’s limit of 50 milligrams.

The reason for this is seen by the environmentalists in intensive agriculture. "The previous dung ordinances allowed the agricultural industry to grow and to overrun its agricultural land at the expense of the environment", claims susanne bareib-gulzow, chairwoman of VSR water protection. The environmental form of agriculture, to which many farms paid, on the other hand, disappeared more and more.

Guttenberg’s eu job: nothing but expenses?

Guttenberg's eu job: nothing but expenses?

He is considered the first minister to be brought down by the internet: karl-theodor zu guttenberg. The fact that the former german defense minister, of all people, had been asked to advise the EU commission on questions of internet freedom caused amused head-scratching in brussel. For almost two years now, the CSU man has been sitting on his advisory post. But apart from the first joint press conference with EU digital commissioner neelie kroes, guttenberg did not show his face in brussel again. His mission remains nebulous.

Anyone who goes in search of clues in the EU capital is quickly disappointed. No office, no staff, not even a mailbox: karl-theodor zu guttenberg seems to carry out his work well protected from prying eyes behind the scenes of the eu institutions. And while many a journalist is already predicting the quiet end of this strange personality, the EU commission is trying to clear up the fog. "There is endless misinformation about the work of karl-theodor zu guttenberg", sues ryan heath, spokesman for commissioner kroes. The bavarian has never been paid a cent for his work. In addition, guttenberg is not an official advisor to the EU commission, but is only active at the personal request of the digital commissioner. For this he has "dozens of meetings" to implement the two "no disconnect" strategies and "cybersecurity to advance, heath affirms.

To fub to the registry office

To fub to the registry office

Anna and georg christel did not have far to go to get to know each other. Their parents' houses in schnaid were only a few hundred meters away, they grew up together.
Now the couple celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary. "We didn't have much then, but we were happy", anna looks back on a busy life. Her husband learned the tailoring trade in willersdorf, later worked in a stonemasonry business in forchheim, and finally for 25 years – until retirement – as a civil engineering worker for the district in the neuses building yard.
Together they also ran a small farm, tilled the fields with the cows for a long time. "Back then, we walked to stiebarlimbach for our civil wedding. Then there was a snack with the witnesses and we ran home again", reports the jubilee couple. The church wedding took place at the carmelites in bamberg.
Georg, a trained tailor, had sewn his own suit, and his wife anna borrowed a veil from the bride and groom who had been married before them. When they moved into their own home in 1965, a new era began for them. Anna took care of their two daughters angelika and monika, georg earned the living. Today they enjoy their evening of life, take care of the gemuse and flower garden. Congratulations from mayor heribert weber and district administrator reinhardt glauber. 

A laser keeps an eye on passers-by in bamberg

It’s just a small, inconspicuous device on the edge of the roof of a house on the grunen markt square. But the box, which is only 25 centimeters long and eleven centimeters wide, keeps a very close eye on what’s going on underneath it. He throws a laser curtain on the hustle and bustle in the fubganger zone in front of the martinskirche, the laser thus records how many visitors are on the move in the bamberger city center – and this is freely visible on the internet.

This is how the site of the start-up hystreet from coln reveals it.Com that on the long shopping night on saturday, 7. December, the busiest day on the green market: the day is the top performer of the year with 85.131 people. For comparison: on a normal saturday, not even half of the number of visitors is busy – for example on the 13th of december. April 36.850 people paid.

End of postal strike nears in bamberg district?

end of postal strike nears in bamberg district?

The postal strike still has the district and the city of bamberg firmly in its grip. Although more mail is being delivered in the meantime, many letters and parcels still remain lying around. Residents from the district report on the facebook page of the frankischer tag: still no mail arrives in hohenpolz (municipality of heiligenstadt). Facebook user carmen F. It's enough: "since 15. June hohenpolz gets neither letter nor parcel post!!"

The memmelsdorf suburb of weichendorf is also affected: "yesterday, for three weeks, a few letters, but the one i've been waiting for for three weeks doesn't arrive, i'm curious? How is this supposed to go on, I'm really annoyed", writes marion H. Another memmelsdorf district, lichteneiche, is also affected: a few letters arrive, then they don't again. Some parcels have to be picked up at the bamberg mail center in memmelsdorfer strabe. Things are supposed to be better in stegaurach.

Dax board members earn 52 times as much as their employees

Dax board members earn 52 times as much as their employees

Executive floors are often far removed financially from the simple reality of work. 52 times as much as their employees were paid by the executive boards of dax companies last year – on average.

As a result, the salary gap in germany’s premier borsenliga was just as steep as in 2017. This was calculated by the german association for the protection of investors (DSW) together with the technical university of munich.