“Despite blowing, we’re marching along”

"Over the years, new pilgrims have joined the group, which has grown steadily and has numbered around 250 pilgrims in each of the last ten years", female edgar denner. He has been a pilgrim since the millennium, after the death of oswald bauer, and has been a pilgrim himself since the beginning.

"You spurt your limits"

"Pilgrims grasp the human being holistically. He experiences wind, rain and sun and nature. But you also spurt your limits", denner "rooms in" tiredness, tension and sometimes also pain." "but when they arrive, everyone is overjoyed", he said.
Christel sudfeld and her friend annabell vossberg, both from bad vilbel, came to the pilgrims through their relative roland sell and are participating for the second time. "Despite blowing on the fuben last year we march again", the young women reaffirmed their. It doesn"t scare them that they almost didn"t make it the first time last year.
"We had to sleep on the floor and on the couch. But the main thing was that we had a roof over our heads", you remember laughing. For the young hessian women, besides religious values, it is above all performance and success that count. "Besides, it is a special experience to experience oneself in the community", they affirm.

116-kilometer march

The 200 or so pilgrims who began their 116-kilometer march at the city"s parish church were accompanied by the "pilgrimage choir, who rehearsed songs suitable for the jubilee. A brass band with more than 20 active members gives the pilgrimage its musical framework. This year, chaplain christian kern took over the spiritual guidance, following the tradition of the city's pastors josef treutlein and michael sell as well as pastoral advisor malte krapf.

Pontifical mass in basilica

On the occasion of the jubilee under the motto "i am a pilgrim on earth towards heaven – for which the pilgrimage guide compiled its own brochure – auxiliary bishop ulrich boom celebrates with the pilgrims on saturday with a pontifical mass in the basilica of vierzehnheiligen and a meeting in the pilgrimage home.
The pilgrimage picture under which the participants from about 50 parishes gather was created 20 years ago by peter lorenz emmert from el-fershausen and painted by reinhold muller from langendorf. It showed the 14 emergency helpers and the auvera madonna in the radiant wreath from the choir room of the city parish church of hammelburg.


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