Motorcyclist hits his rival’s brakes at 200 km/h: fenati’s career is now over

Motorcyclist hits his rival's brakes at 200 km/h: fenati's career is now over

Early end to a career: after the misano racing scandal, italian romano fenati retires from motorcycling altogether and wants to change his mind in his hometown of ascoli. "I’m going to work for a while in my grandfather’s ironmongery store, with him and mamma", the 22-year-old said in an interview with the daily newspaper "la repubblica" (tuesday) and said of his career: "now it’s better to say goodbye, forever." His racing rival stefano manzi, meanwhile, accused him of an attempted assassination.

Insane act at speed 200

Fenati had grabbed the handlebars of manzi and pulled the brake lever at a speed of about 200 kilometers per hour during the race in misano on sunday. In doing so, he put his compatriot’s life in danger. Luckily, manzi was able to bring his two-wheeler back under control after a short lurch. The italian marinelli snipers team parted ways with the pilot on monday, calling it an "irresponsible act".

Manzi: can not forgive fenati

Manzi told the portal gpone.Com says he is finished with fenati and cannot forgive him. "An action in which an opponent tries to kill a rival at over 200 kilometers per hour by pressing the brake lever is unforgivable", he assured. The suspension imposed on sunday for two races he called much too lenient. "What he has done is a very dangerous, unsportsmanlike act, which no one here would be expected to do."

Massive threats against fenati, calls and emails

Fenati, who already on monday on its homepage with the "entire sporting world" had apologized, said "la repubblica", that manzi had attacked him several times before. "Want to see my helmet and my overall? There’s a long black stalk: the tire of manzi", he said. He said there are other pilots who endanger the lives of others every sunday, and he himself has always driven clean so far. As the newspaper reported, since sunday fenati has been receiving massive threats from motorsport fans, calls around the clock and thousands of bose mails. In ascoli even smear slogans against his girlfriend appeared on the walls.

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