Congratulations: brother basil celebrates his 90th birthday. Birthday

Congratulations: brother Basil celebrates his 90th birthday. Birthday

Brother basil celebrates this sunday, 17. November, in the benedictine abbey of munsterschwarzach his 90th birthday. Birthday.

The jubilarian was born on 17. November 1929 born as willibald hepp in hosbach (district of aschaffenburg). In the monastery, he was given the religious name of brother basilius, as stated in a press release. He completed his training as an electrician at the aschaffenburg cellular plant. At 5. September 1947 he entered the abbey of munsterschwarzach. By perpetual profession on 26. October 1952 he joined the monastery for life.

From the beginning he worked in the electrical workshop, interrupted by a few years in the monastery administration. On 21. In april 1958, he received his master’s certificate as an electrician from the chamber of handicrafts in lower franconia. In january 1958 brother basilius had taken over the electrical workshop from his predecessor brother lullus sondheimer OSB and managed it for almost 40 years – in 1997 he handed over the workshop to his successor brother patrick karch OSB.

Responsible for all electrical work in the monastery for 40 years

Brother basilius was responsible for all electrical work in the monastery for 40 years. Almost all of the major new buildings in the abbey, such as the grammar school, boarding school st. Maurus, guesthouse, monastery kitchen, printing house and various workshops. In addition, the electrical lines in the monastery buildings, some of which are 300 years old and date back to the time of balthasar neumann, had to be replaced time and again. And when the power suddenly went out, brother basilius had his work cut out for him, because everyone was calling him, according to the message more.

Also for the water turbine of the power plant, which is driven by the water of the schwarzach, was br. Basil responsible. Especially during floods, so that the inflow could be regulated and protected against flooding.

After the workshop handover he did not retire, but the library

When brother basilius handed over his business to his successor in 1997 after 40 years, he did not yet retire but moved to the monastery library. Until recently, he worked there with great dedication, making sure that the books and magazines found their right place in the library.

He himself collects church guides from all over europe. When fellow brothers travel outside the monastery, they look in the churches to see if there are any new church leaders and bring basil with them. He also has a special interest in cistercian monasteries and benedictine abbeys and has meanwhile acquired a rough knowledge of them, as it concludes.


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