Mourning for the second willow

Mourning for the second willow

The remaining weeping willow next to the school pond is facing a sad end: after a willow was cut down there last year for safety reasons, the remaining tree has now also become a safety risk, said mayor thomas kneipp (CSU) at the youngest municipal council meeting.
The choice was between renovating the damaged tree, which the lichtenfels district council considered to be well worth preserving.
However, the council decided to drop the tree, which had already been rehabilitated once in 2007, and to invest the cost of rehabilitation (about 750 to 1000 euros) in the planting of two new trees instead.

Expansion of wind energy

Mayor kneipp then informed the committee about a letter from the regional planning association of upper franconia west, asking for the community's opinion on the draft update of the regional park upper franconia west, target "wind energy", was asked. The hochstadt municipal area is affected by the so-called priority area number 93 isling-north in the southern part of the obersdorf district.
The area also includes parts of the town of lichtenfels and the community of altenkunstadt in a non-populated, predominantly forested area.

Wind priority area considered

"About half a year ago we decided that we could imagine a wind priority area, so we can't be against it now", according to the head of the town hall. The committee decided unanimously that it would not submit any comments, additions or objections to the draft update.
The building committee of the municipality recently had a look at the municipality-owned residential building in ringstrabe, the so-called "kratzert house", made, kneipp continues. Consideration was given to the possibility of having the dilapidated building rubbed down. Bids are invited for demolition.

Nothing new on the new B 173

Contrary to rumors to the contrary, there is nothing really new in the matter of the new B 173, according to the mayor. According to a declaration by the bamberg state building authority, a planning approval procedure has not yet been opened. A zoning decision is not to be expected before the end of 2013, he said.
Councillor reinhold fojer once again brought up the subject of dog excrement on paths and bursts to the speech. It is unbelievable how some dog owners leave their dogs' waste on paths, fields and meadows, and even on playgrounds when they go for a walk. It had been proven that cows fed on grass contaminated with dog excrement could have miscarriages, fojer said.

Higher dog tax as a penalty?

Since it would be difficult to catch the perpetrators of these problems, reinhold fojer proposed that dog taxes be increased. Kneipp agreed to include the proposal in one of the next meetings.
Youth representative udo stocker announced that again this year there would be a vacation program during the summer vacations in cooperation with the local clubs. The program was very well received last year, and he hopes that many local clubs will participate again.


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