Be sure to go to the polls on sunday

Normally, there should have been two statements at this point. Because nothing is normal about this topic and the arguments for the demolition of the indoor swimming pool or its redevelopment have already reached. For its redevelopment have already been presented ad nauseam, we have dispensed with it. If you want something for the 100. Or even for the 1000. Times says, it becomes also not better and also not more correct. We also had to make sure that neither side got one more letter than the other. So we leave it. Everything is said anyway, even a little too often.

The munnerstadt indoor swimming pool, closed more than nine years ago, has become the bone of contention par excellence. This is mainly due to the fact that some of the people involved are not interested in the indoor swimming pool. It's about being right, about being right, it's about violations, about revenge and also about giving the other side a good thrashing. This has now totally poisoned the climate in the city council and is driving a wedge through the entire population. With a catastrophic effect for munnerstadt.

There are the enthusiasts who want the indoor swimming pool to be open again. That's why they're so committed to redevelopment. On the other side are those for whom renovation is too expensive. They think munnerstadt doesn't need a pool and want it torn down. These two positions would have been perfectly fine if it hadn't been for people who became active on one side to fight – sometimes personally – against the other side. In the choice of means, some are anything but squeamish.

The fact that both sides are using the same expert opinion to support their positions shows just how muddled the situation is.

Twice the city council has decided to demolish the indoor swimming pool. With eleven to ten votes, it was a close call, but eleven city councils are more than ten. This is democracy. It has also provided that the citizens can oppose a decision, which is what happened with the referendum on the cost comparison demolition / redevelopment.

After the renewed demolition decision, the friends of the indoor swimming pool have again collected signatures. Now they want direct redevelopment. This is all legitimate, including the fact that the majority of the city council opposed a council petition for demolition.

And that is what sunday is all about. Demolition or renovation – that is now the question. A question that must finally be answered definitively. With as many votes as possible. Because only in this way is the result authentic.

The alternative use of the pool, which was brought up recently, is not up for a vote, even though it would certainly be a good solution for many people. The council petition refers to demolition according to the majority decision, the citizen petition to redevelopment. There must not be a second council petition for alternative use, another citizen petition on this topic has not taken place. And so it's demolition or redevelopment.

To recommend to the voters to vote for the redevelopment in order to achieve an alternative use, I consider to be absolutely misguided, especially because here means of demand are suggested, which are theoretically possible, but in no way promised. Of course, you can no longer use a demolished pool as an alternative, so the statement makes sense in principle. And I personally would not care whether there is an event hall or possibly a training center for burial at sea. The fact is that the indoor swimming pool friends fought for nine years for swimming in the indoor swimming pool and many citizens of munnerstadt put their signatures under the citizens' petition for a renovation, not for an alternative use. There was a chance, but it was missed. So on sunday it's about demolition or renovation and nothing else. Whether swimming or wrecking ball: the issue must be decided. 


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