Living where the synagogue stood?

At first glance, item 17 on the agenda looked like a rural application: "new construction of a residential building, wiesentstrabe". The fact that mayor franz stumpf (CSU/WUO) then left the meeting room was also nothing unusual. Because the building application came from him, and of course he was not allowed to vote on it as an affected party.

"Historical problem"

But the factionless peter kaiser immediately recognized that this building application could not be handled like any other: "regardless of the person of the builder, this is an extremely sensitive issue." Kaiser even spoke of a "historical problem.

Of course, all members of the building committee knew that parcel number 536 at wiesentstrabe 15 was the former site of the synagogue. Currently it is used as a parking lot "an eyesore" as markus schmidt (CSU) said. But how the flat could be put to new use, opinions differed on monday. Because of the "historical significance of the site" peter kaiser suggested "it would be better to erect the monument there, which is currently on the other side of the street and therefore in the wrong place".
Gerhard zedler (head of the building authority) said that the city's redevelopment plan for wiesentstrabe 15 did provide for a surface area, but that "under planning law, the construction of a house would be in order". In 1991 there had already been a plan to build a house.

FGL councillor edith fieber said the jewish community in nurnberg should be asked how it envisages an appropriate use of the site. Erwin held () said that a house could be built, but it had to have a plaque commemorating the synagogue. And gerhard zedler quoted dieter george, cultural commissioner of forchheim, who said that the construction of a house at wiesent strabe 15 was justifiable. But the building style had to incorporate elements reminiscent of the synagogue.

Franz stumpf said on tuesday that he had already spoken with the jewish community in nurnberg about the use of the site in 1975. From the jewish point of view, the place is "profaned" – the municipality had shown no interest. The idea of selling the plot of land in wiesentstrabe to the city to set up a memorial is not an option for franz stumpf: "I won't do it, he said on tuesday.


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