District historian: whimsical words misunderstood

district historian: whimsical words misunderstood

All just a misunderstanding. This is how the opinion of the two district local historians heinrich stier and karl-heinz wolbert can be summarized, who jump to the side of their colleague hans bauer.

The third kreisheimatpfleger in the district had come into the firing line because of auberungen in the meeting of the economy, culture and tourism committee around the demand of the fastnachtsakademie and the yearbook of the county. In the district committee a good week later, josef mend, as spokesman for the free voters, had found clear words for bauer and defended himself against insults.

However, this is not at all how the two home caretakers felt about the appearance of their colleague bauer in the committee. "By no means revengeful, but rather reassuring", the two district local historians "take a stand on the discourse around the obviously different cultural views" at the meeting at the beginning of march.

"Unfortunately, hans bauer’s whimsical words were not understood as such by some participants," it reads. The probably justified criticism at the high expenditures for the planned carnival academy were not content or request, but only as comparisons intended.

"One must also be able to understand the probably unique gift of our home keeper colleague hans bauer, who not only does inimitable cultural work, but can also package it in the right place at the right time with the necessary humor (quotes with questionable, culturally inappropriate texts during the french carnival broadcast)," he said.

His examples to the present district councillors should not be understood as a serious invitation, but only as a "post-carnival" clarification of the actual topic "what is priority culture" in our so-called cultural district of kitzingen.

The topic was also presented in a relaxed and somewhat "coarse comparative" manner, but in a clear manner, and was understood by the colleagues. Now it remains to be seen how the district council will deal with the matter politically.

The meeting is on monday by the way. The topic is not officially on the agenda, but whether one of the 60 district councils will make it a topic is possible, but not certain.


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