Jansen new hsv president after clear election victory

Jansen new hsv president after clear election victory

The hamburger SV e.V. Has a president again. New head of the 87.000-member club with 35 sports departments, marcell jansen is one of the most important members of the club. The 33-year-old former HSV professional was elected by a large majority at the club’s general meeting.

Jansen received 799 of the 1288 valid votes. 489 members voted for former vice president and treasurer ralph hartmann. The 75-year-old former president jurgen hunke gave his candidacy speech but later withdrew his candidacy.

Thus the favorite prevailed. Unlike in interviews before, this time the former left-back avoided talking mainly about the concerns of fubball-AG when he was talking about an e.V.-position applied for. He also did not repeat the announced influence on the operational business of the second division club, saying instead: "the operational decisions are made by the executive board."

Hunke had warned against selling further shares in fubball AG. Currently, the e.V. 76 percent. Hartmann gave a combative and convincing speech, attacking the favored jansen and promising more control of the fubball AG if he became president. "I’m not a man of the middle," emphasized the father of three. However, the greater sympathies were on jansen’s side.

In the report of the board of directors of the fubball-AG, bernd hoffmann explained that he did not want to draft any visions about the situation of the HSV in the next five years. "There is no economic pressure to move up," said the AG chairman and warned: "if we do move up, we will have a very difficult first league year."Hoffmann described the financial situation after an eight-year negative streak with a total deficit of 66 million euros and liabilities of 85 million euros with the words: "we have a difficult, but not desolate situation."

In the club’s first second division season after relegation, the fubball club is facing an even tighter financial situation. "We will generate a double-digit million deficit," admitted finance director frank wettstein and added: "relegation will have repercussions over five years.". The reason is the loss from TV marketing, which takes into account the placements in the period mentioned above.

The fubball-AG again issues a fan bond. The fan bond of 17.5 million euros that matured in 2012 is to be converted into a new product and extended over a further seven years. "This helps the club to be independent," said wettstein. From 2022 onwards, the association wants to pay off ten to a maximum of 25 percent of the original nominal amount each year. Sports director ralf becker clarified the new self-image of the second-division club. "We are a modest, humble club, but incredibly ambitious."

In contrast to the AG, the HSV has e.V. No financial worries. For the third time in a row, the grobverein closed the fiscal year with a positive result. This time it was 65 000 euro. In the same period, however, fubball-AG had a deficit of 5.8 million euros.


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