Together on the life stage

Jens fertinger artur and liane kaupert celebrated their golden wedding anniversary yesterday (friday). For the market maroldsweisach the mayor wolfram thein and the municipal council wolfgang harnauer congratulated.

More than 50 years ago, today’s jubilarians met at the church anniversary dance in the hartleb hall in maroldsweisach, so that they soon decided to sail for the port of marriage in 1970. Artur kaupert is a native of hafenpreppach, while his wife liane was born in ditterswind. As a young man, after attending elementary school in hafenpreppach, the jubilarian initially worked in agriculture before he was offered a permanent position as a carpenter at the werner schmitt furniture factory in his home village in the mid-1960s, which he held until he was 60. The first year of his life.

His wife initially went to school in bottrop as a little girl, a circumstance that was attributable to the move and the father’s career change. She then spent the rest of her time at school in alltshausen. She completed her training as a retail saleswoman at the schneider company in maroldsweisach before moving on to "progress" changed.

Soon after the marriage and the meanwhile started new house construction (mainly in own work) the son guido was born, so the young mother quit her job. She was working – when the offspring was again "out of the rough" until he is trained – at the same place at the company "striwa". After that, she took on various positions as a domestic helper and thus regularly contributed to the secure income of the young family.

Both have been involved in the local associations in an exemplary manner for decades and have always helped where they were needed. She was particularly interested in amateur theater, so that for many years she and her troupe stood on the stage in hafenpreppach to bring laughter to the faces of the local audience. Until five years ago, they also reliably supported the "liedertafel hafenpreppach" with their singing voice.

After a busy life, however, they still have a few hobbies left: artur kaupert, for example, is a born "woodworm still enjoys creative activities, and liane kaupert seeks diversion from the daily housework by knitting and her beloved crossword rattles. Both have a love of folk music in common, especially the "kastelruther spatzen", which you have seen live many times before.

The golden couple, who can now look back on 50 years of marriage together, was married on 17 june. July 1970 by the local mayor adolf grenhart in a civil ceremony. The church wedding which took place the following day was celebrated by pastor gerhard schmetzer.

As a wish for the future, both said: "it can go on like this. Above all, we hope for many more years together in good health."


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