Graffiti art in the forchheim district: young spruhers want “simply a wall to paint on

Graffiti art in the forchheim district: young spruhers want

Mostly young people paint concrete walls in colorful colors. Graffiti has become the symbol of an urban cityscape all over the world. For a long time now, graffiti has not just been sprayed on railroad underpasses, but has become sought-after art – even in the rural district of forchheim.

As in ebermannstadt, where in the summer of 2017 sprinters transformed the ramstertal bridge into a crude gesamtkunstwerk (gesamtkunstwork). Manuel dietsch from unterleinleiter organized the event. The 38-year-old designer also spared a silo near gosberg with his graffiti art. Dietsch is convinced that other places in the region could be upgraded by the coarse paintings. He thinks: if there were public graffiti walls, this would also curb illegal spraying.

Fascination graffiti: coarse art with body use

Graffiti is an art form that has spread around the world, primarily through the youth culture of hip-hop. "When my head is full of a thousand things, I think to myself when I"m spouting blob: how do you get the line straight – and block out everything else?, explains the artist. When people talk about the sistine chapel, they talk about the rough ceiling frescoes. The graffiti-sprinklers were in the end just as coarse dimensions serve.

The fascination of graffiti also lies in the physical effort involved in painting with a can of paint. "The can is hand-held and the paint is actively left behind. It"s not a little painting, it"s more of a sport", says dietsch. He has even specially built a graffiti wall in his garden. "While others are out drinking in the clubs at the weekend, i"m in the garden painting all over my wall." it takes many years to learn the right techniques and effects, so that the rough graffiti pictures and figures end up looking as impressive and realistic as the artists imagine them to be. Both privately and professionally, dietsch"s life revolves around art. Today he works as a designer for an event agency for adidas.

In the meantime, even private individuals are providing him with walls so that he can spare them his graffiti. With the "creative-mob-he has brought freelance graffiti artists from all over franconia to ebermannstadt for this campaign. The 38-year-old from unterleinleiter has also published a rap song about tavern culture with a hip-hop group from bamberg.

A plea for "graffiti hall

Dietsch hopes that public walls in forchheim will also be made available for spray painting. The city was also able to prevent illegal graffiti in this way. "If a young person is interested in graffiti, sooner or later he will try it out. As a public institution you can set the course", the artist appeals. On inquiry with the city of forchheim there is no plan for such walls yet.

How much money is spent annually in forchheim for the removal of graffiti is not documented separately, explains city spokeswoman britta kurth. The graffiti is still limited," says dietsch. But the graffiti in the city area was promptly removed.

Plea for a "graffiti hall" in forchheim

"In forchheim, a public graffiti wall would certainly be gratefully received", emphasizes manuel dietsch. Last year he already had contact with the district administration because of the herde hall, which was graffitied by young offenders. His suggestion: with a "creative mob-action repaint the hall of the herdergymnasium. The district office is open to the idea, but the hall is currently being inspected for damage.

Dietsch was also happy to spare the sportinsel-gelande, which was "pretty badly spruced up" be. "Such an action was as good as free. The economy of forchheim was in any case to support it. We just needed the "go" from the city for the sports island", the artist says and pleads for a public "graffiti hall": "this offers young people a medium, basically nothing more than a wall, where anyone can legally go and simply paint."


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