End of postal strike nears in bamberg district?

end of postal strike nears in bamberg district?

The postal strike still has the district and the city of bamberg firmly in its grip. Although more mail is being delivered in the meantime, many letters and parcels still remain lying around. Residents from the district report on the facebook page of the frankischer tag: still no mail arrives in hohenpolz (municipality of heiligenstadt). Facebook user carmen F. It's enough: "since 15. June hohenpolz gets neither letter nor parcel post!!"

The memmelsdorf suburb of weichendorf is also affected: "yesterday, for three weeks, a few letters, but the one i've been waiting for for three weeks doesn't arrive, i'm curious? How is this supposed to go on, I'm really annoyed", writes marion H. Another memmelsdorf district, lichteneiche, is also affected: a few letters arrive, then they don't again. Some parcels have to be picked up at the bamberg mail center in memmelsdorfer strabe. Things are supposed to be better in stegaurach.

Postal customers evade
But especially the city area of bamberg seems to be still quite affected: in the area of nurnberger strabe hardly any letter arrives, also at kunigundendamm and in the area of wunderburg customers still wait in vain for the post office. Patience is wearing thin for many of those affected. A household in bamberg started receiving letters again this week. The subscribed "spiegel but so far not. The will now be canceled.

The post office also has to be careful not to lose customers: the hermes parcel stores are reporting an increase in customers, and more letters are currently being delivered by the regional competitor "brieflogistik oberfranken" sends.

"It was very, very traceable", says alexander bohm, press spokesman for the post office, on the strike's progress. "Especially the colleagues who delivered the mail had to work much harder." The spokesman refers to the emergency plan. So a large part of the deliveries could be intercepted by temporary workers.

About 120 postal workers are currently still on strike in the city and district of bamberg, according to the trade union verdi. It is hoped that something will now happen. This is what both sides have to say in view of the negotiations scheduled for next friday. But the strike is expected to last at least until then.

No effect on brieahl
Contrary to initial fears, the number of letters in the mayoral election in zapfendorf did not suffer from the strike: according to election administrator angelika wiebmeier, just four percent of the requested envelopes did not arrive. This value is normally even five percent.

What to watch out for in times of postal strike

The strike may have some unpleasant surprises in store for postal customers. Tatjana halm, legal expert at the consumer advice center in bavaria, explains what legal issues need to be considered during strikes.

What happens when a bill arrives late?. Can the recipient be legally prosecuted?
In principle, the sender is responsible for ensuring that letters are delivered on time. So it can't be the bill payer's fault if the letter arrives too late.

What about charges or other legal mail: can problems arise here??
Here, too, it is the sender's responsibility to ensure that the mail arrives on time. For important letters such as summonses, courts usually use official certificates of service, and receipt must be acknowledged. Then it is clear when the recipient receives the letter.

What should be kept in mind when sending letters or parcels to ensure that they reach the recipient on time??
Unfortunately, it is not up to the sender when exactly letters or parcels are delivered. If deadlines have to be observed, it is therefore always advisable to send letters or packages with a confirmation of receipt. Then one has at least the certainty whether and when the letter was received and can react in case of doubt.

What to consider when giving notice?
The customer is responsible for meeting the deadline. If letters to meet deadlines have to be received on time, consumers should use other means, such as fax with a transmission record. E-mail is not recommended, as it is often not recognized by the courts. In urban areas, for example, you can use bicycle couriers or hand-deliver the letter.

Is express shipping a guarantee of on-time delivery??
Even with expensive express shipping, timely receipt is not guaranteed, as the terms and conditions reserve the right to strike-related delays.

Can the customer claim damages from the post office?
No compensation can be expected from the post office in this case. This is excluded due to contractual agreements. It is possible that the consignee can claim damages from the consignor for deliveries made on certain dates. If a delivery date has been agreed, the sender must contractually adhere to the date. How he meets the deadline is up to him. If he doesn't meet deadline, he could be liable for damages. However, the recipient must also suffer damage for this to happen. For example, because he had to buy a replacement. 


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