Sonja then moves back to poppenhausen

Sonja then moves back to poppenhausen

She has already spent most of her school career as a teacher and principal in poppenhausen. The oerlenbach school family and guests had held a ceremony to thank her for her work and to express how much they regretted the departure of the dedicated and popular teacher. She had clearly left her mark on the oerlenbach elementary and middle school – with knowledge and, above all, with a lot of heart.

Framed by musical contributions from the WIM project classes and daniel hofmann with a solo on the piano, principal ulrich muller presented a rough program of greetings, tributes and in some cases very personal contributions, the focus of which was on the professional and human work of the native of bastheim. "Oerlenbach is a different school than it was eight years ago.", summed up werner vierheilig as representative of the teaching staff. School board member harald botsch praised the school’s vita and successes, and mayor franz kuhn thanked the school for the intensive cooperation between the community and the school. The chairman of the local staff council, wolfgang wittmann, particularly emphasized the humane and collegial management style, and the representative of the parents’ council, claudia sandrock, confirmed this for all areas of parental work. In a song, ulrich muller looked back on the years they spent together in oerlenbach, just as the teachers’ choir did in a song they had composed themselves. The team of the open all-day school around silke zanglein inspired with an ABBA-paraodie.

In her closing speech, sonja then outlined her eventful times in oerlenbach, where she actively and openly kept old things running and set a lot of new things in motion out of very difficult conditions. Of course, she finds it very difficult to say goodbye, because the oerlenbach school family is unique.

On the other hand, she remains closely connected to the school through the school association between poppenhausen and oerlenbach. In order to make the farewell even heavier, teacher roland full had the gentlemen erwin pelzig, doctor gobel and hartmut perform a witty and funny dialogue in a one-man sketch, which sent everyone involved laughing to the buffet prepared by anja mutzel and served by the community.


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