Job mediator: situation on the labor market as good as it has seldom been

job mediator: situation on the labor market as good as it has seldom been

The robust economy continued to create many new jobs, according to a survey of 156 employment agency heads by the institute for labor market and occupational research (IAB). Accordingly, the resulting IAB barometer for march rose to 105.4 points, the highest value since the series began in 2011.

Unemployment also expected to fall further, according to employment agency bosses surveyed. One of the reasons: fewer and fewer employees lose their jobs or find work again so quickly that they are spared the fate of a hartz IV recipient.

The think tank of the federal employment agency (BA) sees this as confirmation of its recently published spring forecast for 2018, according to which germany is likely to face another record year on the labor market.

The number of unemployed would fall to a new low since 1990, the number of employed would rise to a new high, and full employment would be possible in the medium term. "But for that to happen, even more unemployed people had to be able to take advantage of the record number of job openings," IAB researcher enzo weber stressed in a statement.


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