“Who wants to be a millionaire”: unexpected marriage proposal on camera

The bride-to-be is "bombed, gunther jauch follows the ring handover with fascination: with a marriage proposal in front of running cameras, a candidate on the RTL quiz show "who wants to be a millionaire??"His sweetheart and the audience surprised.IT consultant thomas berg from dortmund fell to his knees in front of his partner and asked for her hand in marriage during the broadcast on monday evening. "You can tell I’m very nervous", he stammered. "I would like to marry you, sweetheart." To everyone’s relief, the proposal was approved. "Yes! Yaa!", exclaimed his fiancee.

The romantic climax in the corona-conditioned almost empty studio had hardly been foreshadowed before. Candidate berg rose at the question for 32.000 euro – it was about geography – out – also out of fear of crashing to 500 euro. "I think there’ll be stress back there", he said, turning to face his mortal danger, julia, in the audience.

Candidate wins 16.000 euros – and then proposes marriage to his partner

When the profit of 16.When the sum of 000 euros had been secured, the piano suddenly began to strum. He had "another small concern", said berg. "Oha! Oha!", jauch commented on the approaching proposal.

The candidate already had the matching ring in his pocket. "It had to be the hand", he said while pinning. Jauch (63) cleared up the future. He hoped that she would not feel "under pressure from the media", to say yes – on average 4.75 million viewers watched the show in front of their screens on monday. That was not the case, the fiancee assured: "I’m absolutely delighted." Jauch was satisfied with this: "then we release the young luck on the way to the heaven of love."

A woman from kulmbach also received a special kind of marriage proposal: her partner asked for his hand in marriage after the police had arrested him.


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