The soli-kerwa in herzogenaurach is opened

Second chairman harald hirsch, wolfgang mehler and markus kern from brewery kitzmann held the wooden barrel.

Before that, chairman walter bauer called the numerous visitors to 36. Kerwa welcome, the smell of sausages has long been drifting over the soli area.

If european championship, then this had to be seen as well. Elke bauer painted black-red-gold on the mayor’s face. "Last year we sat here and shivered, it was so cold, and today we have the best weather, which also stops at the weekend", the mayor called out to the kerwa guests.

The soli-kerwa, a challenge for the association, because the members do everything on their own, whether it is the rich food offer, beverage bar up to bar. This can only work if everyone stands together and has for years borne the signature of honorary chairman michael bauer, who will also be constantly on the road during the kerwa.

Even the "offspring is there when it comes to tackling on use. The young sportswomen run a booth during the kirchweih and supervise the bouncy castle for the very small ones. On the first evening michelle, mona and leoni were on duty in the booth, the three girls had their way to persuade the passers by to buy a ticket.

The beer tapping was accompanied by the band "september" and while the fubball fans were feverish in front of the screen, there was a johannis fire for the children.
The kirchweih continues on saturday with "live", the band and on sunday with the "duo confetti".


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