Fabian stadelmann builds the most beautiful stool

Fabian stadelmann builds the most beautiful stool

At the nationwide competition "profis leisten was" (professionals achieve something) six young journeymen carpenters and joiners from upper franconia proved their rough manual skills. The winner was fabian stadelmann from the lichtenfels carpenters' guild. The young man from marktzeulen will now take part in the german championship, which will be organized by the carpenters' guild of kulmbach. "We have given the young people a platform to show their craftsmanship", according to the head of the company, jurgen bodenschlagel.

Each participant has to master the same task under the same conditions. As bodenschagel noted, the five apprentices were highly motivated. The result was correspondingly narrow. Fabian stadelmann secured first place with 89 out of a possible 100 points.

He was followed by jonas elste from the carpenters' guild in wunsiedel, only one point behind. Another carpenter from lichtenfels, hannes wunner, took part in the competition and won third place with 85 points. Julia eichhorn from himmelkron, who completed her apprenticeship in the rugendorf carpentry workshop, was close behind. She scored 83 out of a possible 100 points, and christoph kothmann from the hof carpenters' guild had to settle for fifth place. He scored 79 points.

The jury had given the participants seven hours to build a wooden stool. But all the journeymen delivered their work much earlier. The jury members evaluated the performances in detail, paying particular attention to the accuracy of the mab, the conformity with the drawing and ultimately also the accuracy of the cut. Burkhard schneider from the exam committee was satisfied: "you have chosen the best profession!"

Winner fabian stadelmann (20) works at the joinery tim fleischmann in marktzeuln."It was interesting to take part", he said. Julia eichhorn also drew a positive balance: "it was very demanding, and i'm glad i managed to do it, it stands at least."


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