Is the grass in fatschenbrunn taller??

Around 40 fatschenbrunner found their way to the multipurpose hall for the castle meeting. In addition to a review of previous projects in the oberaurach district, mayor thomas sechser spoke about upcoming inspections. The paving of the sports field parking lot is on the agenda, as is the redesign of the cemetery.There, the paths are to be optimized and the municipal council has to think about how to deal with the blessing hall, which is in need of renovation.

Likewise, the development of a new building area is planned for the flat area behind the road "hohe wart" are intended. County road HAS 31, which connects fatschenbrunn to unterschleichach, is on the county’s expansion plan, according to sechser. A full expansion is planned there, which includes a new substructure and a widening. However, sechser says, the county has not scheduled the removal of the m until 2023.

In the discussion, felix ortegel criticized the lack of lawn care on the playground and in the cemetery. His impression is that more is being done in other parts of the town than in fatschenbrunn. Ortegel, who is also chairman of the fire department association, emphasized that the volunteers of the fire department voluntarily take over the garden maintenance around the multi-purpose house and thus relieve the community in its tasks. Mayor sechser agreed to pass the matter on to the bauhof for examination.

Hermann hummer asked how the community envisaged the maintenance of the compensation areas in the corridor. This was only possible with the help of the burghers, explained sechser, who wanted to approach the farmers in this way. Another burger said that a landscaping association could relieve the community here.

The district of habberge is the only one in lower franconia where this institution does not exist. Six said that this could only be suggested, which had already been done. As a municipality, however, it is not in one’s own hands what happens in this respect.

Edwin oppelt missed a statement in the mayor’s remarks about the defective paving around the multipurpose building. He also pointed out the risk of accidents and that the municipality is then liable for damages. The new paving stones were delivered a long time ago, but the contracted construction company did not complete the work.

The burgermeister sees the municipality here auben before, because one had no contract with the company, since it was a mabnahme of the participant fatschenbrunn. Only the land development agency could sue the company to get ahead in the case.

Some burgers drew attention to dangerous situations in lindenstrabe. Here, a resident constantly parked on the street, so that the articulated lorries that regularly drove here and called at a nearby company had problems getting through. Even pedestrians have already been endangered.

Burgermeister sechser explained that parking on the road is allowed if the road is still passable in a width of at least 3.10 meters. The community leader appealed to the understanding of the resident, because the own property is better suited for permanent parking.


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