Honors for school pilots

Honors for school pilots

During the christmas party in honor of the school crossing guards, the principal of the oerlenbach elementary and middle school, ulrich muller, buried the rough number of school crossing guards. Naturally, it is above all the school pilots who are indispensable in this circle. In addition, he also referred to the commitment of the bus supervisors and the prudence and patience of the school bus driver. From the side of the municipality, which is responsible for school safety, the second mayor, gerhard fischer, praised the students of the middle school for their commitment.

As a thank you to all the parents who keep their children in good hands on their way to school, the chairwoman of the parents' council, mareike braun, presented the school crossing guards with a small gift.

The school's safety officer, sabine hoffmann, was also proud of her team of school crossing guards. She accepted a check from the bad kissingen traffic watch from police chief matthias kleren, which will benefit the school's crossing guard work. Earlier, the police officer had emphasized the importance of this service. He would be carried out voluntarily by the schoolchildren, but reliably in wind and weather. There have been no accidents on the way to school for many years at the secured points. Therefore, it is also appropriate to honor those who are now in the 9. Class, shortly before her graduation, retire. As a sign of recognition, 13 schoolchildren received a certificate and an honorary pin from the traffic police.

The ceremony was rounded off by contributions from various classes. The schoolchildren themselves also showed that they appreciate the commitment of their crossing guards.


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