Horticultural association enhances public spaces

The ziegelerden horticultural association feels obliged to contribute to the improvement of the townscape. This was made clear by chairwoman margit schramm at the annual general meeting. The association hopes that in the next few years it will be able to attract younger members who are interested in this beautiful hobby, who want to enjoy it together and share their experiences.

So the association takes care of the maintenance of the village square and the tappenmacher square as well as the plantings at the st.-michaels church and the war memorial chapel in ziegelerden. An easter crown was also erected again on the village square. For the harvest festival, which in ziegelerden coincides with the church fair, the harvest altar is decorated with fruit, vegetables and products from the village and the region. She thanked all the helpers who made these activities possible. For this year the association is also thinking about organizing a half-day trip.

Renate bittruf has been a member of the association for 25 years. As she was unable to attend the meeting for health reasons, she will be visited to thank her for her loyal membership. Margit schramm also encouraged the older members of the association to come to the twice-monthly senior citizens' meetings in ziegelerden, which are organized by siglinde schramm. The events in the afternoon are a popular meeting in the village to cultivate the community in ziegelerden.

The minutes of the last annual general meeting, which were read out by secretary christine sackewitz, were accepted without objection. Treasurer herta baier referred in her report to an almost balanced balance sheet and a proper cash position and thanked for the donations of members. The cash auditors klaus noak and kathe bittermann confirmed that her cash management was impeccable.

Councilman ralf volkl thanked the horticultural association for its commitment to the maintenance of the public areas in ziegelerden. He suggested offering information events on the topics of gardening and nature, also to interest new members in the association. Also actions for children and families are conceivable. 

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