“We are currently lacking a little bit of luck and also the final consistency”

The two top teams, SV fischbach and TSF theisenort, both celebrated away victories on the last matchday and will also be faced with some easy tasks this weekend. Theisenort hosts schwabthaler SV, while fischbach takes on SG roth-main. These two teams were pleased with the 2:2 draw between FC kronach and FC baiersdorf. As a result, TSF regained the top spot in the table and SV fischbach moved to within three points of second place, with one game less on the account.

TSV kups has slipped a little in the standings. After losing to fischbach, they have now been waiting for a win for three games and now face TSV staffelstein II. However, the two games of ATSV gehulz against FC altenkunstadt/woffendorf and SV neuses against fortuna roth were also cancelled.

The former will be on sunday, 18. November, the latter on sunday, 25. November, made up (2 p.M. Each day). In neuses, the turf was unfortunately unplayable, explains andre turkis, the coach of the SV. For the frankischer tag, he looks back on the derby at FC kronach and on the past weeks, in which his team's points haul was somewhat low. Mr. Turkis, your team has scored only two points from the past five games. What is your balance sheet for these weeks?? Goods especially with the two draws against roth-main and last in mistelfeld not more been in it? Andre turkis: yes, actually. But there were many absences and in the last four encounters always had to fall back on youth players. We were missing seven players in the 0-0 draw against mistelfeld. But it was important to us to keep mistelfeld at a distance, so I was satisfied with the point.

Before in theisenort the first goal was clearly offside. Then it is difficult for the time being to pick up speed again. We had chances to equalize, but we didn't use them. In the last minutes we have then opened. At home against roth-main we got the goal against us by a mistaken shot and also before that in fischbach we got with ten men at the end of the game again a mistaken free kick for the decisive goal against us. We are currently lacking a little bit of luck and also the last consistency. That one of the teams in front had played us to the wall was not the case. We have always kept up well. How do you see your next opponent, FC kronach?? The kronachers have played well in recent weeks. I would be satisfied with a point. We want to stand well defensively at first and let the kronachers come to set some pinpricks with counterattacks. The goal is first to have zero at the back. Of course we will give everything in the derby and not make it easy for the kronachers. The first leg showed that we can beat them. Although FCK led 2:0, but in the end we were lucky not to lose 2:3. What do you think is the most interesting game this weekend?? From our point of view is the mistletoe field against obersdorf. Mistelfeld surprised me two weeks ago. They stood up really well defensively and were aggressive. If this meeting ends in a draw, it will play into our hands. 


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