Summer high at the animal shelter forchheim

summer high at the animal shelter forchheim

By julia heimberger

It meows, chirps and barks from all sides here in the animal shelter forchheim. "Yes, during the vacation season, things get busy. Every year we look forward to august with dread", explains marianne wende, chairwoman of the animal welfare association forchheim. During the summer vacations, the shelter is always completely full. But this is not due to the classic abandoned dog on the highway rest stop. But to an interplay of various factors: (injured) found animals, a flood of kittens, emergency cases from other animal shelters, relinquished animals, found young birds, guest animals and personnel shortages.

Even exotic animals are guests

Every year, the shelter takes care of about 900 animals, mostly dogs, cats and small animals. But also exotic guests can be found in the annual overview: domestic ducks, gray herons, swans, owls, hedgehogs, field hares, bats and numerous species of wild birds. "We have private foster homes for wild birds, tortoises and cat moms, reptiles come to the sanctuary in munich", explains marianne wende.

How long an animal stays depends above all on its state of health and whether it is tattooed or chipped. "We have many animals that have a microchip, but the owners have not registered their animal", confirms manu scharf, responsible for cat care.

Some healthy, vaccinated and neutered cats only stay at the shelter for a week after they are handed in, until a new "can opener" is found finds. The most different reasons are called with the delivery. However, illness, divorce, a move to a new city or to a nursing home often lead to the separation of humans and pets. It is very rare that someone gives up his animal because of problems.

Abandoned animals are a problem

Sometimes the employees find abandoned animals in front of the entrance. And that is a rough problem, because their disease history and also their vaccination status are completely unknown. Therefore, each abandoned animal is vaccinated again and must remain in quarantine until the vaccination is complete. "It can take eight to ten weeks for an animal to find a new home", says manu sharply. Illnesses and necessary operations can also extend the length of stay. The chairwoman marianne wende explains: "we had last year over 40000 euro veterinary costs."

Financing by the association

The work of the five half-day staff and two part-time employees is financed by the association, sponsorships, admission fees, memberships, foundation grants, inheritances and protection fees for the donated animals. For a vaccinated, chipped, neutered cat there is a 115 euro protection fee, for a dog 250 euro. "And of course we look at the new home first. The animals have already experienced a lot and the new home should be forever", said marianne wende. Therefore, it is not possible to place a free-roaming cat in a purely residential environment or next to a heavily trafficked federal highway.

Cat kira is looking for a home

For this reason the cat kira has not found a new home even after a year in the shelter. "She is a single cat, does not like dogs or children in the house, needs her free access to nature and likes to cuddle only when she likes it." With these words manu scharf introduces kira and lures her out of her sleeping cave with some treats.

Some of the dogs have also been looking for a new rough home for quite some time, preferably with a fenced garden.

For example, cane corso mongrel sendi, who has an incredible urge to move and needs a lot of attention.

Chihuahua milo suspended

Next to this coarse black powerhouse, the chihuahua milo looks tiny. He was abandoned in front of the shelter at the end of april. Since then, the dog, who is a bit reserved, hopes to find a new owner. For milo a canine companion would be ideal, because playing together in the meadow is much more fun than playing alone.

Anyone who would like to volunteer or give a new home to an animal companion is always welcome at the shelter.


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