Quick help from a new car

Quick help from a new car

The BRK’s home emergency call system gives elderly, sick and single people in particular the security of being able to alert helpers or rescue services quickly and easily from their own homes in the event of an emergency. His background service is manned 365 days a year and is available around the clock to provide assistance to customers. The personnel are trained volunteers of the BRK with at least one specialist paramedic training. On wednesday, the fourth vehicle (replacing its predecessor) for the home emergency call service was officially handed over to its intended use.

"With this offer we want to help people to be able to live at home as long as possible", emphasized the employee responsible on the part of the BRK circle federation matthias friedlein during the celebration hour in the BRK service center south. The newly commissioned vehicle is notified of minor assistance by the home emergency call center. Currently around 20 volunteers are to thank for the fact that the background service can be put on a broad footing on a voluntary basis. "We have a really good team", friedlein was sentenced.

As easy to use as an emergency ambulance

Rescue service manager martin schmidt was also pleased about the new acquisition. Over time, the vehicles have become more compact and at the same time safer for the volunteers because of the larger space available. With its striking color scheme, the seat auberlich was made to look like an emergency vehicle.

The vehicle handed over has basic equipment with which the volunteers can provide optimal assistance. These include, for example, a compressed air-operated lifting bag that enables people weighing up to 300 kilograms to be lifted in a particularly patient-friendly manner.

According to the head of the home emergency call working group, sebastian blasczyk, the background service is available in this form from hardly any other provider. The teaching rescue assistant reported 164 missions already handled this year, with an increasingly rising trend. The most frequent of all emergency calls in the house emergency call are so-called assistance services. This means that in an "emergency" no medical intervention is required.


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