Cross for horst tempel

cross for horst tempel

The district fire inspector horst tempel from presseck in kulmbach was awarded the cross for special services to the fire department. "You have earned outstanding merits with your activities", said the upper franconian government president heidrun piwernetz at the presentation of the cross on tuesday in bayreuth.
Horst tempel joined the presseck volunteer fire department in august 1972. There he was from april 1977 to march 1982 first deputy commander before he subsequently took over as first commander of the volunteer fire department until 1999. From 1. February 1982 until january 2014 he served as district fire chief in the district of kulmbach. Immediately thereafter and to this day, he performs the function of district fire inspector.
It can be seen from his background that he was given responsible management tasks at a very early stage, said government president piwernetz. During the operations he took full responsibility and was always to be found in an exemplary manner for the firefighters in the center of the action.

Acted prudently

In the long and experienced years of his service, horst tempel, despite his thoughtful and prudent actions, had found himself in situations in which he had to go to the justifiable limits of his own health in order to save casualties, preserve property, and avoid more serious damage.
The government president particularly emphasized horst tempel's great expertise, his high level of commitment to the training of the fire department youth, but also to the continuous further training and development of his team mates.
The honoree is also heavily involved in the planning of alerts and in the work and training for the introduction of digital radio.


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