Wichsenstein and moggast separate with a draw

Wichsenstein and moggast separate with a draw

In the 1:1 draw, both teams had stronger and less good phases, but offered the 170 incessant spectators appealing soccer fare on a difficult course in the constant rain. After a quarter of an hour, the final result was already clear, even if both defenses and referee wilfried teichmann still had to overcome a few tricky situations in the final phase. Due to the division of points and the simultaneous defeat of table leader hallerndorf, both teams remain promising in the race for the lead.

The omens promised an explosive game between two old rivals, which, due to the weather situation, was fought over. Fortunately, the referee wilfried teichmann, an experienced referee, was sent in by the team organizer and left no doubt as to who was the boss on the pitch. The hosts wanted to sniff a little more of the high air, but the guests' supporters also calculated all the possible results of the other summit before the oberland derby – assuming their own victory, of course.

Wichsenstein robust
The two geographically highest lying clubs of the kreisklasse 2, whose competition comes without exception from the valleys of the forchheimer umland, began accordingly also very briskly in the player opening. Moggast tried to run the ball, but after a few minutes the physical presence of the home team in the game showed its first effects. The guests could not really free themselves from the pressing, which began shortly beyond the center line, and after a wing change FC-torjager volkan gula, but standing on the sidelines, headed into the box (6.). The warning shot went unheeded, because another attack brought the early lead. Gastekeeper bernd probst reacted quickly against the gula used by andre ruschig, but the defended ball flew exactly armin schupferling in front of the fube, who had no trouble to push in from a few meters to 1:0 (8.).

A standard situation of the SV, which was then intent on damage limitation, brought the equalizer for moggast a little later. Christian staatz beat markus angermuller to a corner ball from fellow coach alexander roth at the short corner and nodded in the ball to make it 1-1 (14.). Despite the tight pitch conditions and the deep, greasy ground, a fast and technically attractive exchange of blows developed, which, however, rarely resulted in clear chances.

A volley shot by gula (17) was one of the highlights.) on the one hand and a tempovorstob over julian striegel for the guests, whose querpass roth missed (20.), the next accents. Probst then distinguished himself in a scene against gula and A. Schupferling off. When gula entered the penalty area from the left, he skilfully missed and was hit by a save from young SV defender levent hamzacebioglu. Consequently, there was a penalty for the FC, before the execution of the waiting time for the guardian manuel backof dragged on indefinitely. Too long probably, because backof aimed at the angle past (27).).

The SV designed the game until the change again balanced and came a few times through clever combination play dangerous close to the box of FC-keeper marc wehrfritz, but often ran into offside position.

A lot of idling after the break
In the second period little happened for a long time, both rows neutralized each other in the midfield fight. Nevertheless, every meter was fought for doggedly, so many warnings were necessary. With great attitude, no one wanted to give in this energy-sapping comparison. Armin schupferling overran the guest defense, but aimed too high from the edge of the penalty area (57 ).). Christoph glockner set up striegel, who was blocked at the last second by stefan alt, one of the most striking players in the FC ranks (61.).

In the final phase the game picked up again with goal scenes. First hamzacebioglu had the luck of the draw when his free kick from the knee of A. Schupferling flew directly into the arms of probst (72.), then ruschig missed from 25 meters after lifting the ball over his opponent (74.). FC keeper wehrfritz had to save outside the penalty area, which tried to counter stephan muller with a lupfer and had bad luck when the ball went next to the goal (77.).

When referee teichmann took off his soaked rain jacket, there were still two agitators in the last minutes, which caused discussions on the stands and on the turf. First came A. Schupferling in the penalty area against hamzacebioglu to fall, when he was past the defender and had already been able to. The home team vehemently demanded a penalty, the guests accused the striker of a swallow with many gestures. Through his loud protest, he also picked up the yellow card from teichmann (83).).

After that, gula was tactically thwarted just outside the penalty area and would have been in a promising position. The free kick by ruschig flew over the goal (85).). Final whistle.

The opinion of the coaches
Wichsenstein's co-player coach markus angermuller saw no room for maneuver in the final scene shortly before the final whistle: "in my opinion, that was a clear penalty, I was standing right behind it. Why should armin still have let himself fall there? It was already over." The 27-year-old was satisfied with the performance of the team, but was torn with the missed jump to the top of the table: "somehow i'm glad this game is over. For weeks the derby was the topic, now I know the place value of this oberland summit itself. Although I'm not singling out anyone else from the collective, I must mention oli speckner and stefan alt, who led the way for the team. For manu I'm sorry for the miss, but also to him no reproach."

The guest coaches alexander roth and christian staatz agreed and had recognized a fair division of points. Roth said: "under the line goes the 1:1 in all cases in order. Our team showed character when they came back into the game after the early deficit. We have again made an important step forward, including the young players like manu reich-old." Christian staatz was glad that an experienced referee was in charge: "he recognized exactly that the striker was not hit by our defender. Respect, it was not easy. Compliments to our team. We knew that the FC was coming aggressively and gave the right answer. 


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