Graffiti art in the forchheim district: young spruhers want “simply a wall to paint on

Graffiti art in the forchheim district: young spruhers want

Mostly young people paint concrete walls in colorful colors. Graffiti has become the symbol of an urban cityscape all over the world. For a long time now, graffiti has not just been sprayed on railroad underpasses, but has become sought-after art – even in the rural district of forchheim.

As in ebermannstadt, where in the summer of 2017 sprinters transformed the ramstertal bridge into a crude gesamtkunstwerk (gesamtkunstwork). Manuel dietsch from unterleinleiter organized the event. The 38-year-old designer also spared a silo near gosberg with his graffiti art. Dietsch is convinced that other places in the region could be upgraded by the coarse paintings. He thinks: if there were public graffiti walls, this would also curb illegal spraying.

Leadership crisis at thyssenkrupp: foundation emphasizes unity

Leadership crisis at thyssenkrupp: foundation emphasizes unity

In the dispute over the future course of the industrial group thyssenkrupp, IG metall and the krupp foundation, which has come in for criticism, have spoken out with a joint commitment to continuity.

"The foundation and employee representatives have always stood up together for the stability of the company. That will not change in the future," the newspaper westdeutsche allgemeine zeitung quoted foundation head ursula gather and markus grolms, who sits on the supervisory board of the group on behalf of IG metall, as saying on tuesday. With a 21 percent stake, the foundation is the largest shareholder in the dax company.

Fed chief believes moderate rate hikes still appropriate

Fed chief believes moderate rate hikes still appropriate

Federal reserve chief jerome powell has held out the prospect of a continuation of moderate interest rate increases in the U.S. At the traditional meeting of note bankers in jackson hole (state of wyoming), he emphasized that he believed this was the right course to take.

Powell was also responding to criticism from the weiben haus. U.S. President donald trump had stated several times that he could not understand the federal reserve’s interest rate increases. Trump fears that the boom in the US economy, which was also caused by tax stimuli, could be stalled.

Adenauer’s grandson in iphofen

Adenauer's grandson in iphofen

"Adenauer’s grandson" – an attribute that conservative politicians like to attach to themselves. Stephan werhahn, keynote speaker at the free voters’ new year’s reception in iphofen on wednesday evening, doesn’t have to:

he is a grandson of the first chancellor of the federal republic of germany and a hopeful of the free voters in the federal elections in september. They have appointed him as their top candidate. In iphofen, he spoke on the topic of "for solid finances in germany – but how?"

Cairo: police want to starve out islamist protest camps

Cairo: police want to starve out islamist protest camps

The informant said that the implementation of the plan could take up to three months.

After that, the access to the protest camp around the rabea-al-adawija mosque is to be blocked in the next few days. The police will then attack the camp of the supporters of the ousted president mohammed mursi with trangas and water cannons. In addition, the water will be turned off to the protesters and food will be prevented from entering the tent city.

Wildflowers: the right planting concept for the home garden

Not only since the "biodiversity& nature conservation in bavaria" referendum 2019 near-natural gardens that support biodiversity have become increasingly popular. Johann strobler from bamberger staudengarten has been advising his customers for years and is committed to creating harmonious habitats in the garden. Particularly popular with his customers are mixed plantings for different locations, which bring bees, bumblebees and butterflies back into the home garden. But when planting a wildflower bed, there are a few things to keep in mind and the right advice to get.

The right requirements

The essentials of a wildflower bed that you want to have for a long time are the right requirements. To pay for this:

Lg metall warns of the consequences of a rapid conversion to electric vehicles

lg metall warns of the consequences of a rapid conversion to electric vehicles

IG metall believes that the european union’s new emissions targets will lead to significant job losses and unforeseeable social consequences in germany.

In his opinion, a quota of almost 50 percent of new registrations of electric vehicles in germany would be necessary in order to comply with the european CO2 limit that will apply from 2030, the union’s first president, jorg hofmann, told the german press agency. Because of the lower production depth compared to internal combustion engines, nearly one in five jobs in the german lead industry is at risk.

Fireball over ammunition depot in ukraine

fireball over ammunition depot in ukraine

One of ukraine’s largest military depots went up in flames in a spectacular fire. The fire set off explosions of artillery shells and rockets about 200 kilometers southwest of kiev near the town of kalynivka in the vinnytsia region.

Two people were injured and taken to hospital, local authorities said this morning. More than 30.000 people were brought to safety from the surrounding area.

Weaker growth: china lowers interest rate again

Weaker growth: china lowers interest rate again

For loans of one year, the interest rate was reduced by 0.31 points to 6.0 percent. For savings deposits, the interest rate is reduced by 0.25 points to 3.0 percent. "The global economic situation is not very optimistic," said economics professor liu yuanchun from the people’s university (renmin daxue) in peking to the german press agency dpa. "This is why a fundamental reorientation of chinese monetary policy is inevitable."The renewed increase in interest rates is a sign that monetary policy will continue to be eased.

At the beginning of june, both interest rates were lowered by 0.25 percentage points for the first time since the financial crisis following the lehmann bankruptcy in 2008. Last year, however, the central bank had rather raised its lending rates three times because of high inflation. Since july 2011 they have not been touched again.

Glen dimplex in sonneberg closes down

Management and works council of glen dimplex EIO gmbh have reached an agreement on the closure of the plant in sonneberg and signed an agreement on a reconciliation of interests and social plan. According to the report, production will be halted by 30. June 2020, the company announced.

The total of 83 employees will receive their notices in the course of february. "It really wasn’t easy for us to close our factory in sonneberg", emphasizes managing director clemens dereschkewitz according to the press release. In the social plan, a severance payment scheme has been agreed that is staggered according to age groups. In addition, glen dimplex is providing extensive support to employees in their search for a new job. A contingent of additional days off had been agreed upon, which could be used for the purpose of looking for a job. Glen dimplex has also made contact with numerous employers in the region and is building a job board. Together with the economic demand of the city of sonneberg, a fair was prepared at which employers could present themselves and apply for open positions. Information events were offered directly at the company in cooperation with the employment agency. "We very much hope that with this whole bundle of measures we will be able to give as many of our employees as possible a seamless new start in their careers.", so clemens dereschkewitz. And udo suffa, chairman of the works council of glen dimplex EIO gmbh, adds: "we negotiated hard, but always fairly and at eye level. All in all, we have achieved a good result that I can look into the eyes of everyone – colleagues and leaders alike – in the future."