Tubing and rescuing together

It is well known that firefighters and the rescue service of the BRK rhon-grabfeld work hand in hand. However, this must also be practiced, said district rescue team leader bernd robmanith, who is also an instructor with the rhon-grabfeld district fire department, during a training session at the fire department’s town hall in bad konigshofen. It the add-on module "first aid in the context of the MTA (modular training for firefighters). An ambulance from bischofsheim was on the scene, which the firefighters put "under the microscope" could be taken. The rescue of a patient from a dormer with the drag basket stretcher was practiced but also the first aid knowledge was refreshed. Finally, the firefighters learned how to rescue a person from a pit or a shaft using a tripod.

Special situations

The main topic of the additional training was not only an intensification of the knowledge already acquired during the fire department training. It was also about rescue service operations in special situations (in short: the REBEL-set on the ambulance) and the daily practice, namely: where can and must the fire department support the rescue service?. In addition pay carrying help, rescue of patients, whereby technical equipment of the fire-brigade is needed. For example: "could you please fetch the stretcher, the rescue board or the resuscitator from the ambulance?, said bernd robmanith and commander andre knies, the firefighter has to know where to find that in the rescue vehicle.

The tragedy of the pastor d. From nurnberg

The terraced house in nurnberg-langwasser is almost empty. In the living room a dining table, some chairs, in a corner a television on the floor. No picture on the wall, no carpet, no other furniture – nothing. A sterile, uncomfortable atmosphere. For almost a year, pastor peter ditterich has lived here, together with his housekeeper susana czeizel and oskar mellinger. He had previously lived in the same house as ditterich, on jakobsplatz in nurnberg’s center, within sight of the parish church st. Elisabeth.

But: the move to the south of nurnberg had become unavoidable. Because the old apartment had become uninhabitable due to aggressive mold infestation. In 2008, the mold had appeared for the first time. And thus a dispute broke out over the renovation of the apartment occupied by ditterich. In the clergyman’s opinion, the church foundation reacted too slowly to the rapidly spreading infestation, and ditterich called in the bishopric administration in bamberg. The first renovation measures were taken, but in the opinion of the priest and his housekeeper, they were insufficient.

British economy shrinks

British economy shrinks

The british economy slumped at the start of the corona crisis. However, the jolt was not quite as severe as analysts had feared.

According to the british statistics office ONS, gross domestic product in the first quarter was 2.0 percent below the level of the previous quarter. Analysts had expected a 2.6 percent drop on average.

When sea noise becomes visible

When sea noise becomes visible

The roar of the sea, when the waves break on the shore, is formally audible, the salt of the spray can be tasted on the tongue and the sand can be traced under the feet. Vacation mood breaks over the viewer without restraint when he stands in front of the coarse-format, overwhelming paintings of bayreuth painter gudrun schuler.

The artist is "the sixth", an exhibition of the producer gallery burgkunstadt, dedicated to. Still to be seen until 2. December. Saturday was the vernissage. These are pictures of visible reality, as bamberg art historian matthias liebel told the visitors, who had come from all over bavaria, in his opening speech. "Subject painting, which gives us at once to recognize what is represented", he lectures.

Jan palach and the fanal from wenzelsplatz never love ingo cesaro loose

Jan palach and the fanal from wenzelsplatz never love ingo cesaro loose

Of course the synagogue in kronach is a fitting place for cesaro’s jan palach project to be presented for the first time. The actresses ulrike mahr and lucie lechner (munich) were also present. Both staged the bilingual palach poems. Ute fischer peterson, who was responsible for the musical interjections, offered the listeners an opportunity to reflect on what they had heard during the breaks between speeches.

No easy stuff, this fanal of jan palach, who turned out to be torch number one on 16. January 1969 on the wenzelsplatz and on 19. January died of the consequences of severe burns.

No solidarity for police costs – werder threatens legal action

No solidarity for police costs - werder threatens legal action

After the crushing defeat in the vote on a solidarity fund in professional soccer, werder bremen’s management immediately switched to attack mode.

The clear rejection by the first and second division clubs of werder’s proposal, put forward at the members’ meeting of the german soccer league, to share the costs of police operations at high-risk matches among all the clubs’ shoulders only spurred on bremen’s fighting spirit even more.

Crowds at the marketplace of professions

crowds at the marketplace of professions

Where else can you find out about the music corps of the german armed forces, the opportunities for federal voluntary service, or what the munich business school has to offer in such a small space?? Answers to these questions were also provided at the weekend's 7. Study fair:BA in the congress and concert hall.

The fair, with almost 90 exhibitors, is organized by the bamberg school and business working group. It was organized by the economic demands of the city and district of bamberg and the bamberg congress& event gmbh.

Tenant licenses for migrants

Tenant licenses for migrants

The faces of the 14 migrants who received the so-called "tenant driver’s license" in the meeting room of the town hall in burgkunstadt were beaming ou received the following. They successfully participated in a four-evening training course that familiarized them with proper behavior as apartment tenants. The course content was.B. Gauze separation, rest periods, proper heating and airing, and fire protection. With the "tenant driver’s license" acquired in this way refugees should be able to prove their suitability as reliable and serious tenants to potential landlords in the future. Living in their own apartment, the mostly young people who are all housed in the weismain, altenkunstadt and burgkunstadt area know, is better than living in a communal shelter. In order to improve their situation, karin pfeiffer, integration counselor at the district administration office, started the tenant qualification project together with volunteers. Half of the participants are already recognized asylum seekers and some of them already have a job. Still, finding private housing is a challenge. Many recognized asylum seekers, even though they are allowed to move out, must continue to live in cramped shared housing because they cannot find a rental apartment in the district, says the head of social services at the district office, ralf luger. Such courses are therefore a bit of help for self-help. They are also required by the bavarian ministry of the interior. But it also depends on the volunteers who accompany people on their new journey. Such are angelika geyer and nicole hartfil. For both, there was a flower robbery. German language, tenant’s driver’s license, a job of their own and then an apartment – successes are coming, explains angelika geyer. Thanks to the protestant parish in burgkunstadt, which provided the space for the course in the cafe dialog.

35 participants completed the training program consisting of several modules in 2018 and spring 2019 and received their tenant driver’s license.

Horse expert monty roberts as guest in hohn am berg

horse expert monty roberts as guest in hohn am berg

Trust. The word came up often that evening. With monty roberts, one of the world’s most famous horse experts has come to the schlusselfeld district of hohn am berg. About 500 people did not want to miss the appearance of the now 83-year old.

Lena hegler and her father stefan traveled from schwarzenau. Already one and a half hours before the start of the show they looked around in the "king stables", watched the preparations. "It was all very exciting," says lena a few hours later. Of course, they had already heard about monty roberts and his philosophy beforehand. "But to see it all for yourself, that was impressive," confirms her father. The heglers have three horses at home on their farm. Lena grew up with the animals. One thing is clear to father and daughter from all these years: a calm and clear approach helps. "You just need a good feeling," says stefan hegler.

Project in neustadt: “refugee…that’s me

project in neustadt: 'refugee...that's me

The focus is actually on the faces of young people who have found a new home in the region. But behind the faces there are also fates, experiences, feelings and emotions. "Refugee…That"s me
(refugee, that’s me) is written on the postcards that are now being distributed in the region.
The cards feature the portraits of seven young people living in the coburg region. The special thing about the cards is the story behind a so-called "CP-clicker app" hides. The user can download the app onto a smartphone, take a picture of the portrait and then find himself in a menu that visualizes the story behind the face in a video clip.
The coburg education region had the idea of initiating an integration project. The arnold gymnasium in neustadt was found as a partner, which developed and implemented the content of the individual films in ethics lessons in collaboration with an integration class from the vocational school.
The result are short informative film clips that not only tell the stories of the seven protagonists in a very personal way, but also take a look at the cultural differences with a smile on their faces. The aim of this project is to use the films produced by nectv to raise awareness of the immigrants’ environment and to get a picture of refugees and their stories.
Tanja altrichter (coordination center for civic engagement in the district office) loves to know that the project was requested by the bavarian ministry of social affairs with a total of 7000 euro.
Jochen dotterweich told us that the number of postcards will initially be 250 per motif. According to his words, these are to be distributed to burgerburos and communities. "It was an exciting and educational project for me and the schools involved", emphasized the deputy principal.
District administrator michael busch (SPD) spoke of a grandiose idea. "We need more stories that can be experienced and understood and less generalization", emphasized bush. For him, there is far too much generalization.
Coburg’s mayor norbert tessmer(SPD) emphasized that crises always develop when opportunities are not seized. For him it is certain,
that the initiators of the project "refugee…That’s me" are on the right track.
The principal of the arnold gymnasium, ursula kick-bernklau, was proud that a "great project" had been started at the neustadt high school has arisen.