Picnic to Music - 21st August

Improve Your Photography

As a keen amateur photographer, one you may have noticed wander around the Churchyard and Royal Military Canal armed with a camera I am wondering if anyone living within the village of Warehorne would like to improve their photographic skills; understand the controls on their camera, learn how how to set up these controls to suit different types of photography and situations (for example low light) to help with their own general day to day use. Internal ( home/studio/venue ) or external ( back garden/park/countryside )
Or different types of photography

  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Seascape
  • Abstract
  • Sports
  • Wildlife
  • Documentary

Would like to meet up with others with the same goal, to learn to become better skilled with their camera, then now is your opportunity.

I am hoping to begin a weekly get together with walks locally as well as get togethers at local places where parking is available and the distances not to far away, for example Dungeness. I am open to suggestions as to other possible places.

If you are interested, please confirm to me by email, grahamepps@talktalk.net giving your name and how best I can contact you. I would also appreciate a note of the best weekday afternoon or evening that would suit you.
If there are sufficient numbers and a common day which fits in then I aim to kick off once lockdown restrictions are fully lifted.

If numbers permit this might be something to pursue during the winter period by using the Warehorne village hall.
My aim is to be informal and informative. To make photography fun. The technical stuff will be kept to a minimum as it is boring. Sometimes it is best not to know how or why something works, it is perhaps preferable to know that, by just doing simple basics, it just does.

If there is sufficient interest, I will be in touch to try to kick things off.
To be viable the optimum group size is ten to twelve people.

I hope this may be of interest.

Graham Epps.