Photo of the exterior of St Matthews Church, Warehorne.
 Photo of the interior of St Matthews, Warehorne from the main door facing south west.
 Photo facing down the isle of St Matthews, Warehorne


St. Matthew s church stands upon the Old Saxon shoreline looking over the Romney Marsh.
The original structure was built around C. 1200 but The Domesday book (1086 A.D.) mentions a church at Warehorne but the present church shows no sign of Saxon or Norman work.

In 1770 the original tower was struck by lightning and was rebuilt in 1777. The tower was rebuilt in brick rather than stone.

Quarter Peel

First QP on the bells since the pandemic began and first since cleaning-out and proper lubrication of Bowell s (plain) bearings.
Especially arranged and rung prior to the monthly Sung 1662 Evensong (attended by the Tenor ringer, the conductor and sixteen other parishioners). From 6 - 6:30pm general ringing took place, including resident ringers, comprising of:

  • Rounds & Call Changes
  • Two courses of Bob Minor
  • 120 Stedman Doubles and a six-bell lower

Count on Nature

St Matthew s Church, Warehorne has signed up to participate in the Churches Count on Nature, Love your Burial Ground Week June 5th to 13th.

We would love as many people as possible to be involved recording all living things found within the churchyard. Maybe take a picnic, meet up with friends, or just spend some quiet time in contemplation and then spend a little while recording the various plants, birds, insects, you can see.

Starter Guides and Record sheets are available.

Please contact either Heather (07944083897) or Meriel (01233 731211) for further information.

There will be a celebratory, All Age Service in St Matthew s, at 10.30 on Sunday 13th

The Collation of Reverend Graham Halsall as Rector - 20 January 2021

Millais Embroidery

In early 2020, The Textile Conservancy approached by the Treasurer of St. Matthew’s Church, Mr. Richard Henderson JP, with a view to repairing regions of detached laid metal thread. But, as it transpired, the condition and problems in the method of construction, lead to an extensive treatment being carried out.

Please click on the following link to read more about the process of this beautiful embroidery:  Millais Embroidery


We would like to thank The Textile Conservancy Company Limited for allowing us to use their photographs

Bells at St Matthews

Bell Weight Diameter Note Date Founder
Tenor 9-2-8 39 G 1721 John Waylett, Cripplegate
5 7-3-12 36 1/2 A 1913 Alfred Bowell, Ipswich
4 6-2-12 32 1/5 B 1913 Alfred Bowell, Ipswich
35-2-831 1/5 C1721John Waylett, Cripplegate
24-3-029 D1721John Waylett, Cripplegate
Treble4-0-1827 E1936Alfred Bowell, Cripplegate

History of the Bells

    1552     Record of 4 bells in the tower.
    1721     Bells 1, 2, 3 and 5 (of 5) recast by John Waylett who rehung the bells in a new timber frame.
    1723     4th of (5) recast by John Waylett.
    1776     Present tower built.
    1779    Record of 5 bells in the tower.
    1913    3 and 4 (of 5) recast by Alfred Bowell and the remainder rehung.

To recasting the 3rd and 4th bells and rehanging the peal of five. To repairing the floor underthe bells and strengthening the framework £74. Paid cq. 19 Mar 1913. (Bowell records, 7 Mar 1913)
    1936    A treble was added to make 6, by Alfred Bowell.

7 July 1936: To supplying new treble bell complete as per contract £60. To 2 best bell ropes @22/-, £2-4-0. Total £62-4-0. Paid cq. on a/c £32-4-0, 7 July 1936. cq. £30, 10 Aug 1936. 1936 10 July:To 13 handbells £4. Paid by cq. 28 Aug 1936. (Bowell records)