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Warehorne Road Planning Application

Warehorne and Orlestone Parish Councils are currently working on a response to the recent planning application submitted by Crabtree & Crabtree (Hamstreet) Ltd.

Any further updates on this will be posted here and also the Warehorne our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/warehorne

Kent Alert - High Pressure Selling

We have received reports of a company using high pressure techniques to sell burglar alarms. Details can be found here: High Pressure Selling Notice

KCC Highways and Transportation Winter Service Plan 2017-2018

KCC’s official Winter Service period starts on 27th October 2017 and runs through until 27th April 2018.

Details of the KCC Winter Service can be found here: Winter Letter to Parishes 2017-2018

Princes Trust

Are you 16-25 years old & live in or around Ashford? The Princes Trust Team Programme starts on the 25th September 2017. Click here to find out more information.

Parish Boundary Changes

Issues regarding the boundary between Warehorne P.C. and Orlestone P.C. have been rumbling on for many years.
After the last election Ashford Borough Council decided to do something about it.

Confusion lies in Bank Side where half of the houses form part of Orlestone whilst the remaining half are in Warehorne. Houses situated behind the old Chocolate Box also form part of Warehorne despite being centrally located in Hamstreet.

At a meeting held at the council offices the following was agreed:
  • All properties in Bank Side will form part of Orlestone P.C.
  • All properties behind the old Chocolate Box will form part of Orlestone P.C.
  • All properties on either side of the main road entering Hamstreet from Warehorne will remain unchanged.
  • Properties making up 1 – 5 Prospect Place will form part of Warehorne P.C.

Warehorne will have 21 fewer properties overall. The changes are due to be implemented in 2019.

Dangerous crossing at Church and School Lane Junction

David Graham Associates has been commissioned by the Parish Council to conduct a traffic assessment at the Junction of the B2067 and Church Lane. This will result in a recommendation report to improve safety at the junction. Click here to view the completed report.

For many years the Parish has been concerned by the speed of traffic, the poor visibility, and most importantly the immense dangers this causes for school children trying to get to and from school who have to cross here to catch their buses. We have had a number of near misses just in recent weeks.

The consequences of an accident do not bear thinking about, but resources are just not available from Kent County Council (KCC) at this time, who inevitably have requests for work from all over the County. Our junction is low priority as no fatalities have occurred.

As a community and Council we are not prepared to wait for harm to come to our children before action is taken and have therefore, with the fantastic help of our Borough Councillors, investigated how to take initial steps for assessing the best means of mitigating the dangers ourselves. Along with a detailed and thorough Risk Assessment produced by a resident, this professional report can then be taken to KCC to help raise the profile of our cause. We will regularly update residents as to the outcomes at Parish Meetings

Highway Maintenance and Potholes

Click here to report potholes and other Highway issues you come across directy on the KCC website.


Cllr Maggie Keenan

Finance and Planning Working Parties

Cllr Philippa Jones

Vice Chair
Public Rights of Way Lead and Planning Working Party

Cllr Richard Henderson

Finance (lead) and Planning Working Parties

Cllr Lee Small


Cllr Jonathan Saunders

Highways Lead and Planning Working Party

Annette Beach

Parish Clerk
Responsible Financial Officer
email: warehornepc@gmail.com
phone: 0790 565 8117