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Welcome to Warehorne

Warehorne is a small, friendly village seven miles from Ashford overlooking the Romney Marsh and is partly in the Weald of Kent and partly in the Romney Marsh.

Within the central village you will find:

The main part of Warehorne is near the central village green opposite St. Matthews Church.

A second part of the village is known as the Leacon. This is sited at the crossroads on the B2067 and contains the former schoolhouse and now abandoned cricket field.

The remainder of mostly forested Warehorne (one third of the area and all in the northern half) contains the former World's Wonder pub and borders on the village of Kenardington.

Part of the larger village of Hamstreet falls within Warehorne's parish boundaries, enabling the village to have sufficient population to retain its own civil parish council.

The Saxon Shore Way links Warehorne with Hamstreet where the nearest shops and railway station can be found.

Help Required!

Message from Pam:

I am passionate about keeping our village footpaths clear for everyone to enjoy.

If anyone is willing to volunteer to keep just one path tidy by city back brambles etc please let me know and we can draw up a list.

I am taking on the footpaths leading into the field opposite Harden’s View. There are 3 stiles and one gate leading into one field, two of which are almost impassable.

I always appreciate a well kept footpath when out walking in other areas and would like others to be able to use our footpaths without any problems. A team of helpers would make this task easy.... please message me if you are able to help!

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